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What makes good or bad training?
14 Feb 2022
Emma Eynon
Our top tips on how to make your training fantastic!
Announcing Launchpad for the Haystack community
30 Dec 2020
Emma Eynon
The new social networking site you shouldn't miss!
The new features we've just released in Pod Builder
28 Dec 2020
Emma Eynon
Now it's even easier to create SkySpark extensions
Axon Docs - a free SkySpark extension for Axon functions
17 Dec 2020
Emma Eynon
Did you know about our free Axon software tools?
What exactly IS a Smart Building anyway?
04 Dec 2020
Emma Eynon
It's surprising how many people have never heard of this!
Are you using online training effectively?
01 Dec 2020
Emma Eynon
We offer some help on how to choose the right training.
Did you know about our free Axon Journal?
20 Nov 2020
Emma Eynon
It's the Axon cheat sheet you've been waiting for!
Announcing the new Axon Core version 2.0
18 Nov 2020
Emma Eynon
Probably the best Axon training in the world?
Watt's Up!?
19 Oct 2020
Emma Eynon
A mini SkySpark challenge
Ever feel like finding SkySpark training is an uphill battle?
06 Oct 2020
Emma Eynon
What will you do with more free time at work?
eLearning vs Online-Training
09 Sep 2020
Emma Eynon
Do you know the difference?
Need to learn SkySpark - fast?
31 Aug 2020
Emma Eynon
New v2.0 release of our SkySpark Analyst digital eLearning
Our exciting new eLearning news!
14 Aug 2020
Emma Eynon
Sneak preview of what's coming soon!
Are you in a PICKLE? Maybe this can help...
07 Aug 2020
Steve Eynon
Pickle your Fantom objects
Now available on StackHub - Pod Builder
04 Aug 2020
Steve Eynon
The easy way to create SkySpark extensions
How we strive to be open-source champions
15 Jul 2020
Emma Eynon
Our contributions to the Fantom community
Our very first eLearning results... are now in!
06 Jul 2020
Emma Eynon
How our students are making a difference
F4 - the best IDE for Fantom?
27 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
A closer look at the F4 IDE
New release for our Axon Core students
22 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
An exciting new freebie!
How does our training compare to SkySpark Essentials?
19 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
How we offer extra training benefits
Why we've changed our product icons
17 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
Challenges with branding and design
What's with the Mars theme?
11 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
Why our eLearning is on Mars
What makes us Fantom experts?
07 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
Read about our Fantom achievements
SkyFoundry announce our eLearning
04 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
Read about our SkySpark courses
Make the most out of Axon Core
20 May 2020
Emma Eynon
Extra features you need to know about
We donate while you learn
28 Apr 2020
Emma Eynon
Earn achievements with us and fight global climate change
Axon Core is now available!
06 Apr 2020
Emma Eynon
Learn Axon, in just a few hours
Our efforts to help towards the COVID-19 crisis
25 Mar 2020
Emma Eynon
Stay safe, work from home - and learn at home too
Which learning type are you?
13 Mar 2020
Emma Eynon
Are you a magpie, or a monkey?
Our free Induction Training course!
15 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
Now you can try out our free training experience
Our E-Learning is built in Fantom
14 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
What goes into creating an online Learning Management System?
Careers advice from Fantom Factory?
13 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
Inspiring a new generation of Fantom programmers!
Trying to save the world....
20 Jan 2020
Emma Eynon
How we aspire to be greener
So how did we make SkySpark Analyst?
14 Jan 2020
Emma Eynon
A look at what it takes to create an elearning training course