Which learning type are you?

Published on 13 Mar 2020 by Emma Eynon

Which learning type are you?

Action Hero

Why read when you can just DO?

You need the practical experience of trying it for yourself, perhaps by inputting code to see actual results, or using interactive question types to think about the learning as you’re DOING something!

Book Worm

Just the facts please!

Formatting and layout is very important to help highlight the important text and to present different kinds of information in a consistent way.

The Magpie

You just love attention grabbing visuals and images.

You need engagement with storylines, characters and graphics to set the scene and bring a bit of life to, let’s face it, fairly boring stuff!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Videos really do it for you, using a practical approach.

Not one to leap straight in, you like to see how it’s done first. Videos and demonstrations help to gain a good understanding of the topic before you start any practical work.

Fantom Factory training has it all

No matter how you like to learn.

We make sure to aim our training courses at the right audiences before we even start! The content is designed by a subject matter experts, and presented by qualified trainers in a format to suit any learning type. Using consolidation techniques and gamification to award points and achievements, we believe we have a winning formula for online training!

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