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Our Purchase Order process
20 Feb 2023
Emma Eynon
Order courses or software via purchase order for bank transfers.
Our eLearning aftercare - Journals
18 Feb 2023
Emma Eynon
Have you used your Journal yet?
Our eLearning Time Capsules
08 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Automatically extend time on your training courses.
What do our certificates mean?
08 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Learn about our certificates of Attendance and Excellence.
The Arcadia Toolkit
08 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Use our SkySpark training data for extra practice.
Your training mission
08 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
How to get started with our eLearning courses.
Achievements and certificates
04 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Tips on using and sharing our digital certificates.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does it all work?

A: We sell Course Access Codes for individuals to redeem within their own eLearning account for immediate access to their chosen training course on our training website.

Perfect for distributing to other members of a team or to stock up and use later!

Q: How do I use a Course Access Code?

A: Create a free learning account on our training website, and find the button called Enter Access Code on your Dashboard screen.

Q: Can I do the training on a mobile or tablet device?

A: Yes, our digital content is designed to be mobile responsive to make it easy to browse content or watch the tutorial videos - on the move.

However, for the best experience our interactive exercises should be carried out on a larger screen.

Q: What is eLearning exactly?

A: Our eLearning courses are completely digital and designed for individuals to learn at their own pace and schedule with personalised feedback and assessments.

Our training environment is a website (running our custom designed web application) which requires individual website learning accounts.

This is often confused with the general term "online training" which refers to any training method which is broadcast over the internet, including webinars and group presentations.

Q: Can we resell Fantom Factory training to our own clients?

A: Yes! In fact we designed our course access to use digital codes for this very reason.

Contact us to arrange to discuss new purchasing rates as a Fantom Factory reseller.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: Purchase courses instantly in our online shop with any major credit and debit bank card.

We also accept Purchase Orders for digital invoicing later via card or bank transfer - just send us an email.

Q: What should I do if I have more questions?

A: Please send us an email at anytime. We will always aim to reply on the same day!

Need some help with software?

Take a look at our software help page.

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