Our Purchase Order process

Published on 20 Feb 2023 by Emma Eynon

We sell eLearning courses to businesses all around the world via our online shop. Paying by card is not always an easy option, especially for larger organisations.

Fantom Factory is happy to accept Purchase Orders for our eLearning (and for software orders too).

How to order

Create an order for the items you would like to purchase.

Our current list prices are published in our online shop at all times in US Dollars: Note that all our prices are exclusive of any Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT).

We accept bank transfers and online payments in GBP, USD, and in Euros.

Downloadable Price Lists

Contact us if you would prefer an invoice made out in Euros and we'll calculate the market rates at the time.

Make the order out to us:

Fantom Factory business details

Fantom Factory Limited
53 Empire Avenue,
SA11 5SU,
Company Registration No.: 11183348
VAT Registration No.: GB312888391
(Registered in England and Wales)

Please include your business details:

  • Your business or organisation's registered trading name
  • The registered business address
  • The business VAT or tax number
  • The email address for the invoice
  • Delivery details - who shall we email the goodies to?

Next steps

Email it through to our admin team at -----------------------

We will check the details and issue the ordered items promptly. Just make sure we know who to send them to!

When we have confirmed that the delivery has been successful, we will follow up with a digital invoice to be paid within 28 days.

purchase order sample image

For any further questions then please contact us and our admin team will reply promptly!

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