What do our certificates mean?

Published on 16 Mar 2022 by Emma Eynon
Updated on 08 Jan 2023

What do our certificates mean?

Our certificates

Each of our training courses has been designed around a specific skillset. This clarifies learning objectives and provides a more modular way to train - especially for different roles and when working in a busy environment!

Maybe you need to learn how to build a SkySpark project? Or perhaps you just need to learn how to create SkySpark view screens?

(I mean, why should you be a PROGRAMMER just to get a certificate in using SkySpark applications to FIND data?)

We issue 2 certificates with our paid courses.

Our Certificate of Excellence

Our final assessments are designed to truly test your new knowledge and skills of identified key learning points from the entire course.

Passing this assessment is the only way for anyone to earn a Fantom Factory "Certificate of Excellence", proving real understanding - rather than rewarding rote learning and good short term memory.

cert of excellence

Our Certificate of Attendance

Regardless of our assessment, when you complete the content of a course, we award a Fantom Factory "Certificate of Attendance"

(A great way to prove to your boss that you really did spend all that extra time training!)

cert of attendance

How does our accreditation work?

We are extremely proud that Fantom Factory is officially recognised as a provider of “Dual Training & CPD Accreditation”, awarded by the Professional Development Consortium.

Any course which holds an accreditation status has been rigorously assessed and approved to award accredited units/hours towards professional development. (aka Continued Education)

Any student who has completed a training course may apply to their learning or professional institute (internationally) with either of our certificates - which both display your CPD reward.

cpd badge cpd barcode

This makes our eLearning a fantastic option for refresher training to maintain a professional status too!

Proof of award

To prove that a certificate from us is valid, simply check its unique serial number on our website. You can do this by clicking into the digital certificate directly.

Now anyone can verify that your certificate was issued by us - and belongs to you!

(So maybe use your real name - rather than to try to use a certificate awarded to Mickey Mouse!?)

More help and support

Send us an email anytime if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

Don't forget to show off your new skills to those who matter the most.

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