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Our Purchase Order process
20 Feb 2023
Emma Eynon
Order courses or software via purchase order for bank transfers.
SkySpark Installation Guide
08 Jan 2023
Steve Eynon
An express guide to help you install SkySpark.
Examples of our client work
07 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Browse our full portfolio of successful software projects.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of software services do you offer?

A: We are happy to create a software product to your unique requirements, or collaborate on a project (of any size) with your team.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: We can provide time based contracts, on a time & materials or retainer basis. For smaller pieces of work we may be able to give a total estimate for a delivered piece of software instead.

Q: Do you only know Fantom or can you work in other technologies?

A: Steve Eynon leads our technical team as a full stack web developer (as well as being a master Fantom developer), so we can accommodate more than most!

Q: How can I get an estimate for a project or software?

A: Every situation is unique so we'll need to figure out your requirements to give an honest and accurate estimate. Just email us to arrange a video call and we can discuss the details with no obligation.

Q: Can I try your software for free?

A: Our ready-made software is available from STACKHUB and you'll be happy to know all of our commercial products offer a free trial version!

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