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Published on 07 Jan 2023 by Emma Eynon


At Fantom Factory we pride ourselves on high quality and efficient software delivery. With extensive full stack web development experience, we bring a disciplined software development approach to the SkySpark and Project Haystack environments of all shapes and sizes.

Investment into high quality software is often underrated and overlooked. We understand that many businesses simply can't afford to spend vast budgets on software either - so we offer a range of services to help with guidance and consultancy all the way through to undertaking independent project delivery as best suits each client.

You can find our range of ready-made software for open-source (free) or commercial use on our Programming Portfolio website page and available for download on StackHub.

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Working with a vast array of clients over the last few years, we are pleased to share that we have successfully delivered the following software and projects.

Connectors and Axon APIs for:

  • ALC systems (SOAP)
  • AlsoEnergy Solar Monitoring
  • Belimo Cloud
  • Carbon Intensity forecasts from UK National Grid
  • ChargePoint electric charging (SOAP)
  • CxAlloy Commissioning
  • Danfoss Devices
  • Easy Conn - create your own Connectors with Axon!
  • FacilityGrid Commissioning
  • FlowWorks sewage monitoring
  • Hach FS Data (SOAP)
  • Innax (SOAP)
  • Kaiterra Air Quality
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Pelican Wireless Devices
  • PowerFlex cloud API (with secure authentication)

Other Axon APIs for:

  • AWS EC2, S3
  • Google Drive API with bullet-proof resumable uploads
  • RateAcuity Tariffs
  • SALTO Access Control

SkySpark views and dashboards

There are 3 ways to style views and dashboards with SkySpark data.

  1. In the SkySpark application with native functionality and Axon functions.
  2. In the SkySpark application with custom functionality using Fantom.
  3. Using any third party or custom built application as a "front end" with SkySpark data. (See Sonrai IAQ below)

We have experience at all levels of dashboard builds and offer our Viewbuilder eLearning course to teach option 1.

View our SkySpark dashboard demo

SkySpark views with added functionality to:

  • Edit system network configuration via NetworkManager
  • Edit system network configuration via Connman
  • Edit system firewall settings
  • Edit system date / time / other

Software tools and applications

SkySpark extensions:

  • Auto provision and update pods from StackHub
  • PDF generation (using our custom library)
  • Clone SkySpark projects
  • Enhanced Multi-Edit dialogue
  • Manage the licensing of other SkySpark extensions
  • Monitoring inventory stock movement
  • Server health monitoring via Connector framework
  • Slider (range) Input Widget for SkySpark
  • Views and functionality to silence known Sparks
  • Secure authentication to the PowerFlex cloud API.

Fantom APIs for integrating with wider technologies:

  • Gamepad controllers (see Parrot Drone)
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Google Analytics
  • hCaptcha
  • Less and SCSS compilers
  • Mailgun email services
  • Micromod music player
  • Microsoft Speech API
  • MongoDB No-SQL Database
  • Octobat Payments
  • Parrot Drone
  • Postmark email services
  • Stripe Payment Gateway

And more...

Not to mention a slew of custom libraries and frameworks for web development!

Web applications:

Fantom Factory - https://www.fantomfactory.com/

Mars eLearning - https://mars.fantomfactory.com/

Sonrai IAQ - https://www.sonraiapp.com/

StackHub - https://stackhub.org/

STEM Futures - https://www.stemfutures.uk/

Fantom-lang - https://fantom-lang.org/

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