SkySpark Viewbuilder v1.0

Explore and create dashboards and views with our practical exercises and guided walkthroughs.

  • Understand view types and layouts
  • Add and bind variables
  • Create a dashboard with cards
  • Explore charts and data
  • Style tables and forms
  • Use actions with forms and views
  • Organise and export your new views
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Course length
1 - 2 days (approx)
Content access
8 weeks
12 CPD hours / CE units
Designed for
SkySpark 3.1.1

Course description

SkySpark Viewbuilder walks you through a variety of SkySpark view types and layouts, to give a real understanding of how they all work.

Follow along with our practical viewbuilding exercises to create and style your own views and dashboards using tables, charts, cards, and forms.

Use variables and inputs to add picker menus and link view options together. Learn how to add and configure actions for pop up informational windows and to give extra functionality for your screens.

No SkySpark installation, licence, or HVAC knowledge required.

Some short video clips to highlight course features.


To understand how to:

  • Identify view types and layouts
  • Build single views with simple data
  • Create tiled views with linked data
  • Understand the makeup of cards
  • Create dashboards of charts and cards
  • Style tables with viz cell graphics
  • Build and customise forms
  • Use variables to add and bind picker menus
  • Customise actions for pop up windows
  • Organise, import, and export views

Axon functions are provided but not taught; for Axon, see Axon Programmer.


  • 15 Detailed View builds
  • 5 Modules
  • 27 Topics
  • 80 Interactive questions
  • 12 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 12 CPD hours / CE units
  • Digital Certification
  • FREE reference journal
  • FREE Arcadia Toolkit

Course Requirements

SkySpark Viewbuilder is designed for anyone familiar with using SkySpark. We recommend to have read/write access to an installation of SkySpark for further practice in view building.

At a minimum, to successfully complete this training you will only need internet access and a browser.

No Axon programming knowledge is required as we provide all ready-made Axon code during the training.

A login for the documentation on the SkyFoundry website is also beneficial.

Suggested pre-requisite learning: SkySpark Analyst or SkySpark Engineer.


Achievement BadgeCPD Logo

This course is both CPD and Fantom Factory certified.

Reach the final assessment and you will be eligible for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificate, valid around the world towards Continued Education (CE).

Pass the final assessment to be awarded the Fantom Factory Certificate of Excellence as proof of your new skills and knowledge.

Bonus Material

We provide a FREE SkySpark add-on, the Arcadia Toolkit, that populates your SkySpark with real records, points, and Axon functions. This lets you practise the "Try It Yourself" exercises with ready-made training data.

Our SkySpark Viewbuilder JOURNAL is awarded for FREE on completion of the course, to reference key notes and information from throughout the eLearning.


Be very careful how you answer questions in the exam
Reviewed on 21st January 2024
Interactive questions, using SkySpark / Axon

Be very careful how you answer questions in the exam, they are very tricky and wording/selections are not clearly reflected in the exam material. Other that that it is a nice course that does a good job walking you through using SkySpark.

Richard Adams

We are glad you enjoyed the course Richard! Question wording is always something we're happy to review and improve as an ongoing effort.

Emma (Fantom Factory)

Reviewed on 7th August 2023
Dhaval Vibhakar

This training has significantly helped me increase my Skyspark knowledge.
Reviewed on 26th February 2023
Interactive questions, using SkySpark / Axon

This training has significantly helped me increase my Skyspark knowledge. The course was great! Especially with all the interactive opportunities.

Cory Pearce

We're pleased that our Viewbuilder course has delivered real benefit to you Cory, thanks for sharing this with everyone!

Emma (Fantom Factory)

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