Syllabus - SkySpark Viewbuilder

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Module 1

An introduction to the purpose and concepts of using views.

  • How and why to create applications
  • An introduction to SkySpark views
  • An overview of using Axon data filter expressions
  • Creating a single chart display - custom layout
  • Creating a single table display - custom layout
  • Creating a multiple chart display - tile layout
  • Options for creating and styling a report view - report layout

Module 2

Understanding how variables are used in views to provide and link filter options.

  • An overview of using variables with views
  • Adding variables to create date picker menus
  • Adding variables to create a point picker menu
  • How to bind variables to share picker menus
  • How to link subviews and data objects together

Module 3

Exploring the data makeup and styling of the card type and its application in dashboards.

  • An overview of dashboards
  • The format and makeup of card data
  • Methods of styling cards
  • Styling with text and images
  • Creating a bubble cell graphic
  • Creating a bar cell graphic
  • Creating a gauge cell graphic

Module 4

A further look at how to style more advanced types of views (with appropriate Axon knowledge).

  • How to use Axon functions with views
  • How to use all 9 chart styles
  • Styling tables with graphics
  • How to use the form view
  • Creating form filling views
  • Adding actions for data and popups
  • Managing and organising views between projects

Module 5

Revision and the final course assessment.

  • Summary of course learning
  • Final course assessment to demonstrate key knowledge

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