Axon Programmer v2.4 (SkySpark)

Develop a deep understanding of the Axon programming language core syntax as it applies to SkySpark.

  • Learn core axon syntax and data types
  • Create expressions and call functions
  • Write functions and code blocks
  • Read and write Folio / history data
  • Filter expressions and de-referencing
  • Use lambdas and folding functions
  • Explore IO, error handling, and Components

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Course length
3 - 5 days (approx)
Content access
8 weeks
28 CPD hours / CE units
Designed for
SkySpark 3.1.1

This course is designed for SkySpark.

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Axon for Haxall

Course description

This edition of Axon Programmer will teach you the basic skills of using Axon as a pure scripting language in reference to SkySpark.

We provide a bespoke Axon Command Console to practise writing real Axon code and to truly assess your learning progress.

Learn about the Shell view and Code app, function syntax and the dot operator, reading and writing Folio and History data, Filter Expressions and De-Referencing, Lambda Functions and Folding Functions, error handling and Axon Components.

This is Axon in its pure form, taught to a high coding standard, using real Axon code to work through 200 interactive exercises and assessments.

Designed for SkySpark, although no installation is required for this course.

Some short video clips to highlight course features.


Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use core syntax, units, and operations, including Dicts and Lists
  • Use top level functions, default arguments, and the dot operator
  • Use variables and if statements
  • Read from Folio with (custom) filter expressions and de-referencing
  • Use, parse, and format DateTime literals and time zones
  • Read and write data to the Folio history database
  • Manipulate Grids, Lists, and Dicts with lambdas
  • Commit / write to the general Folio database
  • Handle errors

Demonstrate the knowledge and awareness of:

  • The relationship between SkySpark, Haystack, Fantom, and Axon
  • Basic error troubleshooting
  • How to read and write data with external sources
  • How and when to use Components


  • 11 Modules
  • 53 Topics
  • 193 Interactive questions
  • 2 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 28 CPD hours / CE units
  • Digital Certification
  • FREE reference journal

Course Requirements

No prior knowledge of Axon is required, however a basic level of proficiency in programming is advised to be able to complete this course.

It is beneficial to have access to the documentation on the SkyFoundry website, or to have access to your own SkySpark installation.


Achievement BadgeCPD Logo

This course is both CPD and Fantom Factory certified.

Reach the final assessment and you will be eligible for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificate, valid around the world towards Continued Education (CE).

Pass the final assessment to be awarded the Fantom Factory Certificate of Excellence as proof of your new skills and knowledge.

Bonus Material

Our Axon Programmer JOURNAL is awarded for FREE on completion of the course, to reference key notes and information from throughout the eLearning.


Reviewed on 15th March 2024
Interactive questions, structure and pace

It was challenging, but I really enjoyed it!
Reviewed on 11th December 2023
Interactive questions, scenarios and story, structure and pace

It was challenging, but I really enjoyed it!

I found the gamification side of the course both provided some entertainment through the characters and story (I loved Glitch!), and made me want to push myself through getting all the badges.

I found that the challenges were difficult enough to test me, but not so difficult that it caused me frustration.

I particularly noticed how well written each problem was, with what was expected of you being laid out clearly. It definitely teaches you to read the questions carefully!

Daniel Ash

Thanks for the great feedback Daniel, we're glad you enjoyed it!

Emma (Fantom Factory)

A lot of the questions were phrased in ways that I did not underst
Reviewed on 11th December 2023

A lot of the questions were phrased in ways that I did not understand what the expected output should be


We're sorry to hear this Jayden. We are always happy to help with training queries and this is why we implemented a feedback option throughout all of our courses. If you'd like to go over anything with us please get in touch!

Emma (Fantom Factory)

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