SkySpark Analyst v3.1

Understand how to use the main SkySpark applications to find and analyse real data.

  • Take a tour of SkySpark
  • Understand data goals
  • Find historical data with Historian
  • Identify Spark and KPI information
  • Analyse energy data and profiles
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Course length
1 - 2 days (approx)
Content access
8 weeks
15 CPD hours / CE units
Designed for
SkySpark 3.1.4

Course description

This course is for complete beginners to learn how, and WHY, to analyze data in SkySpark.

Starting from the beginning, we take a tour of the SkySpark screens and navigation, and consider our data goals for using data analytics.

We host our own training SkySpark instance for you to use, giving you the real experience of exploring and finding "real" data as you work through 120 interactive exercises.

By the end of this training, you will be familiar with using the different menus and options in the Historian, KPI, Spark, and Energy applications.

No SkySpark installation, licence, or HVAC knowledge required.

Some short video clips to highlight course features.


Demonstrate ability to use SkySpark to:

  • Find data for key equipment and sites (Historian app)
  • Analyse energy consumption across equip and sites (Energy app)
  • Report on high level running costs and operations (KPI app)
  • Identify costs and impacts of equipment issues (Spark app)

Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of:

  • The data containers and technology structure of SkySpark
  • Importance of gathering intelligent data for energy goals
  • The applications to view live and historical data
  • How (and why) to view the results of SkySpark rules


  • 8 Modules
  • 34 Topics
  • 120 Interactive questions
  • 9 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 3 Locales (inc. French)
  • 15 CPD hours / CE units
  • Digital Certification
  • FREE reference journal

Course Requirements

SkySpark Analyst is for complete beginners.

To complete this training you will only need internet access and a browser.

Two screens are recommended where possible, to be able to navigate our hosted SkySpark instance and work through the exercises at the same time.


Achievement BadgeCPD Logo

This course is both CPD and Fantom Factory certified.

Reach the final assessment and you will be eligible for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificate, valid around the world towards Continued Education (CE).

Pass the final assessment to be awarded the Fantom Factory Certificate of Excellence as proof of your new skills and knowledge.


very useful for users of SkySpark
Reviewed on 28th June 2024
Interactive questions, structure and pace, using SkySpark / Axon

very useful for users of SkySpark

Barry Pinder (NG Bailey)

I just loved the way you guys put all the pieces together.
Reviewed on 13th June 2024
Scenarios and story, interactive questions, structure and pace

I just loved the way you guys put all the pieces together. You guys did fabulous job in making this training session easy to understand and learn.


Reviewed on 7th June 2024
Anureet Kaur (City of Winnipeg)

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