SkySpark Training Instance

A safe and convenient learning space... just for you!

  • No installation required
  • Easy Internet access
  • Full read / write permissions
  • Use "real" training data
  • Experiment safely with SkySpark
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A SkySpark Training Instance - Just for you!

Need SkySpark training access for your team?

You will need a minimum of 10 points capacity for each person. (See "Training licences" below)

Highly recommended for SkySpark Engineer, SkySpark Viewbuilder, and Axon Programmer

How it works

We'll set up your Cloud hosted SkySpark instance and provide you with easy web access details within 48 hours.

Enjoy easy access with full read / write permissions in a safe environment to experiment with SkySpark projects and data integration.

Consolidate your training with some extra practice alongside our eLearning course exercises for 8 weeks.

Our training data only requires a 10 point SkySpark licence capacity.

FREE training data and digital tools

Arcadia Toolkit

We synthesise "live" SkySpark training data for you to use in your own SkySpark project.

Practise integrating data and "binding" points with our Try It Yourself eLearning exercises.

Use our ready-made Axon functions to create your very own Rules and Views - without all the programming knowledge!

Use our Arcadia Project training data with the free SkySpark extension - the Arcadia Toolkit.

Easily reset your training project to different build stages SkySpark Engineer.

Customise each of our 15 types of SkySpark displays with SkySpark Viewbuilder.

Arcadia Toolkit
Arcadia Training Data
10pt SkySpark Licence

Training licences

You are required to use your own SkySpark licence for any training instances we provide.

For each training instance order we will purchase and install a 10 point SkySpark licence on your behalf.

We use the online shop from our collaboration partner AFM - for a speedy turnaround!

AFM is an official worldwide reseller of SkySpark

Share an instance in larger teams

Provide us with a larger licence file to install and your team could set up multiple projects for extended training scenarios.

Just order one training instance and provide us with the appropriate licence details to suit your requirements.

More questions?

Message us and we'll be happy to help.

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