About Us

A small business in the UK with big green values.

We like helping people, and we enjoy working in the Fantom programming language, so we created Fantom Factory to do both!

We offer impartial advice and assistance with challenging software projects, and help with training and development through our eLearning courses.

As Fantom was created for SkySpark, inevitably our expertise lies there also.

Based in the UK, we are a small growing company with real core values at heart. We will always work in your best interest, so rely on us for quality and integrity.

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Company Vision

Our long-term goal for Fantom Factory.
Ensure advanced technologyis accessible and understoodby those who aspire to save our planet.

Company Values

What we want our company to stand for.

  1. Don't cut corners we pay attention to details
  2. Be a friend we do everything in YOUR best interest
  3. Keep it simple we are honest and uncomplicated
  4. Bring value technology should be accessible and demystified
  5. Care about our planet everything we do should be sustainable

Save the planet

Red dusky trees on Mars
In Africa, trees mean life

TREE AID is a UK registered charity, no. 1135156

We have officially partnered with the UK charity TREE AID who are taking direct action in fighting global climate change.

Tree points earnt in our eLearning courses help to plant trees and empower communities with TREE AID, creating a healthier and greener planet for everyone.

Their community-led reforestation work also contributes to the Africa-led GREAT GREEN WALL initiative. See their website for details.

Meet Steve and Emma Eynon

As the founders, we support strong company valuesto achieve what's right for you AND the environment.

The Team

The Fantom Factory Team

The growing success behind Fantom Factory could not exist without our amazing team. We're not just colleagues, we're a workplace family!

Placing the highest importance on the development and happiness of our team members, creates an enjoyable and productive environment for everyone.

We appreciate everyone who works at Fantom Factory, who really give their all to create to high quality products and service.

Together we are truly champions.

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