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Published on 06 Aug 2022 by Emma Eynon
Updated on 08 Jan 2023

Welcome to Fantom Factory eLearning!

This guide should help you through any questions you may have around starting a course and using the key eLearning features.

  1. Create an eLearning account
  2. Set your profile preferences
  3. Access your course
  4. Key training features
  5. Digital certificates
  6. Long term access to course materials
  7. Tell others what you enjoyed!

1. Create an eLearning account

Visit our training website at and create your eLearning account.

Visit the Alpha Colony

What is Alpha Colony?

Enter a name and an email address and we'll send you an immediate email for validation. Click the link in the email and you'll be logged straight into your new account.

Make sure you use an appropriate name - it gets printed on your certificates!

2. Set your profile preferences

Once you are successfully logged into your account, you will be presented with your Dashboard.

From here, you can monitor your course access, achievements, and browse more other available courses in our eLearning Library.

Make sure to check out our bonus comic book - Alpha Colony Backstory too!

new mars dashboard

Edit your profile details to choose your preferred locale, display theme and even an avatar. To view our storytelling features, you will need to select the MARS theme.

Lots more will become available as you progress!

mars profile

We also recommend you take a couple of minutes to complete our Interactive Tutorial, to familiarise you with our training format and unique question types.

tutorial screen

3. Access your course

Enter your course access code and enrol on your chosen course.

(Make sure you're ready to train because your 8 week access will begin from now!)

(Use the big button marked "Enter Access Code"!)

access code screen

To purchase an access code, simply visit our online shop or use the Freebie filter tag to find our FREE offerings!

4. Key training features

Work to your own pace and schedule

You can log in or out at any point during your training, and your progress will automatically be saved. You can even buy a Time Capsule to reopen or extend the access duration of your training course.

Use the thumbs!

We encourage you to use our likes and ratings which you'll find throughout the training pages. Tell us about the bits you really enjoy, and even the parts where you might feel frustrated and need to vent!


Collect all the achievements

You can check on your course achievements and progress at any time. From the course panel in your Dashboard, choose the View Achievements link.

view achievements link

Here you may view your overall course progression and scroll further down the page for awards like badges, points, and certificates.

course progress section

awards section

5. Share your digital certificates

Prove your new skills for passing a course

Successfully passing a final assessment will award you with a further Certificate of Excellence to share on your LinkedIn profile or simply download in a printable format.

There is always space on the fridge after all!

excellence certificate

Prove attendance for completing a course

Completing the course content (irrespective of the assessment) will earn you a Certificate of Attendance awarding accredited hours /units for the training.

It also proves to your boss that you really have done all the hard work!

attendance certificate view

attendance certificate

See our article on Certificates and Accrediation for more details.

6. Long term access to the course materials

Reaching the final module of a course will unlock an eLearning JOURNAL, which you can continue to access long after your training ends.

Your journal will include key notes and references and any "Try It Yourself" exercises for extra practice (especially useful for SkySpark Engineer!).

arcadia exercises

7. Tell others what you enjoyed!

We'd love to hear from YOU!

Make sure to leave us a quick course review when you're ready, and this will be published on our website, to help others to choose the right training.

Public Review

Whenever you purchase a course, we'll email you with your access code and a quick set of instructions to get you started in seconds.

Browse our online courses

If you have any collaborative ideas or questions, or perhaps you'd just like to introduce yourself - then talk to us anytime!

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