White Label eLearning service

Published on 04 Aug 2023 by Emma Eynon

White Label eLearning service

Would your organisation benefit from an eLearning platform like Fantom Factory's?

  • Storytelling with a whole story universe
  • Gamification with awards and achievements
  • Integration with your own software or product
  • Digital certification on-demand
  • New varieties of questions and exercise features

Our training platform is completely custom designed and hand crafted with code to deliver the exact website functionality to suit each course.

There's a reason we've been winning awards like these! awards banner image

Digital eLearning Academy

We're working hard on a brand new service - the Digital eLearning Academy.

This is our innovative eLearning platform as a "white label" service so that you can create your own company branded training - with our amazing features!

As accredited providers of training excellence we can also help you to create the ideal eLearning for your audience to maximise the understanding and long term memory retention for your chosen subject!

Read about our training standards

Available soon

Making such a sophisticated system available for you all to use takes time to do it right. We're working with some trusted partners to test the waters and help us to build out a platform that is flexible enough for any scenario!

And boy, we have lots of exciting news on this topic to come too!

Any questions?

Let us know if you'd like to discuss the potential of using our eLearning provision for your business.

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