EasyConn is available now!

Published on 23 May 2023 by Emma Eynon
Updated on 11 Oct 2023

EasyConn is available now!

The wait is finally over... The crowds are going wild!

Well, ok maybe not, but they should be!

EasyConn is now available to download, evaluate, and purchase, from the StackHub website (AND it's free to use for up to 50 Axon calls.)

What does it do?

EasyConn provides a framework for creating your own SkySpark Connectors from Axon functions.

This means all you need is enough Axon knowledge to write your own connectors - we take care of all the Fantom bits.

EasyConn connectors work by delegating standard SkySpark connector functionality, such as obtaining curVals for points, to custom Axon functions that YOU write.

As with all of our software, EasyConn is robust, secure, and optimised.

How do I learn more?

Visit the EasyConn page on StackHub to read the full support documentation and examples of Axon functions to use with it.

Of course, we're always at hand should you have any questions too!

Take me to EasyConn!

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