Dashboard for Medical Rooms

Published on 29 Dec 2023 by Emma Eynon

A SkySpark dashboard for medical room compliance data.

medical room dashboard

Client brief

Our client provides energy performance services for a portfolio of hospitals and medical establishments. They approached us to create a suite of sophisticated visualisations for compliance information figures.

This example details a dashboard view we were asked to create for medical room compliance data. The project was based on the example of Pharmacies although it could be applied to other kinds.

They provided us with an incredibly useful design of their requirements: pharmacy mockup

Dashboard Requirements


Executives and project managers.

Data use

Analytics for building compliance data.


Clear and easy to read with sophisticated graphics.


To provide an easy and "upgraded" SkySpark experience.

Design considerations

To simplify their existing dashboard mockup and upgrade the visuals to a more sophisticated way of displaying data in a dashboard.

To show data for different historical date ranges.

A light theme to match the native SkySpark theming.

A boxed tile format assists with "at-a-glance" reading for each data section. The tiles were given rounded corners and shadows to help break up the tile sections.

A bright traffic light colour scheme to highlight areas of concern.

Optimised for different screen sizes.

Customisable view data with Axon code.

Build tasks

For this project our tasks involved:

  • Writing Stub Axon functions
  • Adding updates to internal libraries for card-style displays
  • Writing a custom Fantom-based view card
  • Assisting with data cleansing for quality improvements


We (Fantom Factory) built the dashboard in iterative stages for each widget, testing against a comprehensive sample of SkySpark data.

The dashboard is delivered to the client as a .pod file which they can install as a simple SkySpark extension.

After testing each deliverable on their development SkySpark server, we were happy to release the final version in exactly the same way.

  • Delivered SkySpark extensions can be easily installed.
  • .pod files are accessible for the client to read the dashboard source code.
  • Custom Area Card view type is re-usable in any View Builder context.
  • Axon functions within the extension can be amended by the client to change data displays.
  • The SkySpark extension can be rebuilt and developed further for more features and changes.

Client feedback

Our client feels much more confident about presenting SkySpark data directly to their customers with this new dashboard. This final design presents more information up front in each tiled area without overloading the reader.

They are very happy with how easy it is to highlight priority areas and yet still find all the information they need on the same screen.

This optimised design also lends to making it more scalable with an option to display more tiles as needed.

As a result, we are very happy the client has engaged us for further work on PDF reports from more SkySpark views.

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