Our efforts to help towards the COVID-19 crisis

Published on 25 Mar 2020 by Emma Eynon

Our efforts to help towards the COVID-19 crisis

In the current climate of COVID-19 we are all pioneers into uncharted territory. This pandemic brings much financial uncertainty across the world, however, we still need to place importance on the future of the Energy Saving industry.

Fantom Factory is committed to providing e-learning training to enable ALL within the Project Haystack community to achieve their technological goals. As such, and to help the industry continue to grow in these uncertain times, we have dropped the prices on our first available courses, SkySpark Analyst and Axon Core.

We want to make sure SkySpark training is affordable to everyone who needs it while we all pull through this crisis.

We continue to work towards hopefully releasing Axon Core within the next week!

Stay safe everyone!

Emma & Steve

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