SkySpark Engineer v 2.0

Published on 20 Aug 2023 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Engineer v 2.0

SkySpark Engineer has been upgraded and improved!

Now updated for SkySpark version 3.1.8 we've also implemented a whole round of customer feedback to improve a few tricky questions you told us about.

Our bestselling course

SkySpark Engineer takes anyone new through building a SkySpark project for the first time. We use practical scenarios and walkthroughs to understand the most important aspects of setting up and managing SkySpark data.

  • SkySpark data containers and hierarchy
  • Data queries and filter expressions
  • Tagging records with Project Haystack
  • Using connectors to bring in data
  • Integrating data and tuning polling frequencies
  • Managing data history and writing in values

...and let's not forget one of the most important sections:

  • Creating Rules

We provide all of the Axon programming expressions and code so you can concentrate on the "SkySpark bits"!

Long term access

We design our course content to be enjoyable and memorable, but unless you have a photographic memory, you won't remember EVERYTHING. That's why we also provide JOURNALS to summarise the key training points and references which you'll get to keep in your eLearning account - for good!

Even better news - we update the journals with new content too!

Read more about our eLearning features including Journals

Arcadia Toolkit

We provide free digital tools in SkySpark to accompany the training too - like our Arcadia Toolkit.

Arcadia toolkit image

SkySpark Engineer is perfect for onboarding new team members involved with installing or managing SkySpark projects.

SkySpark Engineer eLearning

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