Our free Induction Training course!

Published on 15 Feb 2020 by Emma Eynon

Our free Induction Training course!

Our new Induction Training course - free on registration

We actually did it! We made an entire Learning Management System, and the entire website handling achievements, profiles and certification – all in Fantom! To celebrate this successful, and amazing feat, we want to share this with all of you! To give you an idea of how our training looks and feels, we have created the Induction Training course – and it is completely free!

This sample mini course will auto-enrol onto any new learning account upon registration – no codes needed! Using just a handful of interactive web pages, you can learn about the features that we have implemented and try out our exercises and assessment functionality. If that isn’t enough, you can also earn some starter experience points (XP) towards Tree Aid donations by completing the content.

Our SkySpark training courses have defined and structured learning syllabi, which means they are full of relevant learning points and content. SkySpark Analyst is our first established training course, now redesigned for our new Fantom learning platform and is available to buy now. We hope that by releasing the free Induction Course, we can give you more confidence in the quality of our e-learning delivery before you buy anything – and basically explain where all our time has gone!

Launch to our Mars site now and create your new learning account.

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