SkyFoundry announce our eLearning

Published on 04 Jun 2020 by Emma Eynon

SkyFoundry announce our eLearning

We are very pleased to have the official endorsement of SkyFoundry for our SkySpark eLearning courses.

For those with SkyFoundry forum access, you can read the article here:

Fantom Factory Announces Availability of SkySpark eLearning Courses

Our eLearning courses are designed for new SkySpark users, who want to get started with self-paced learning on our custom made eLearning platform. We provide everything you need to complete the course in a browser - without any need to install software or licences.

SkySpark Analyst

Our entry level eLearning course for getting started in SkySpark is aimed at managers and data analysts - with no programming involved.

SkySpark Analyst learning path

In just a few hours, you can gain confidence in finding data with the Historian, KPI, Spark and Energy applications - using our training scenarios and SkySpark data. We host SkySpark in a browser so that you can work through interactive exercises and use SkySpark - to learn SkySpark!

Read our full course syllabus for SkySpark Analyst:

Programming courses

For any new SkySpark programmers, our first programming course is also available - Axon Core. Gain a deep understanding of Axon as a pure programming language - without the complication of SkySpark.

Use our own bespoke Axon Command Console to write real Axon expressions and functions to complete interactive exercises and assessments. All Axon code is assessed by our unit testing framework to make sure it works as intended - so no cheating!

View the details of Axon Core:

We recommend taking Axon Core before booking onto SkyFoundry's SkySpark Essentials training, but we believe it is beneficial for developers at all experience levels.

Axon Core learning path

All new SkySpark customers are recommended to contact SkyFoundry directly for a SkySpark product demonstration in the first instance. For the next stage in your training journey, we hope you'll consider our innovative eLearning courses to help you get started!

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