Our very first eLearning results... are now in!

Published on 06 Jul 2020 by Emma Eynon

Our very first eLearning results... are now in!

As the second quarter of 2020 draws to a close, we are very pleased to be able to produce our first report of eLearning customer progress - for our charity partner TREE AID.

We would like to thank our eLearning customers, who have collectively earned a total of 196 Tree Points, effectively planting 196 trees in the Great Green Wall across Africa!

Great Green Wall

What are these Tree Points?

Our interactive eLearning uses gamification methods to award experience points (XP) and achievements for students who complete more of our optional videos and questions. If you take the time to work through more exercises, not only do you consolidate your learning for better understanding and memory retention, but we also reward you for these efforts too!

Tree Sprout

XP is awarded into your learner profile and, while we have lots of future plans for how these can be used, the main thing to know about XP is that they also generate Tree Points. We collect these Tree Points from all of our eLearning customers, and donate the grand total earned during each annual quarter - to TREE AID.

Read more about our partnership with TREE AID

So, if you learn with us, about technology which can help to save energy and resources, you are contributing to the replenishment of global resources - at the same time!

Tree investment

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