Need to learn SkySpark - fast?

Published on 31 Aug 2020 by Emma Eynon

Need to learn SkySpark - fast?

You can learn how to find data using the main SkySpark applications in just a few hours, with SkySpark Analyst. With instant access to the course via our eLearning training platform, you will use real SkySpark to work through around 100 interactive exercises and questions.

By taking our training course, as a new SkySpark user, you will;

  • understand what SkySpark Points and rules are and how to use them,
  • learn about the best practice to gather information for decision making,
  • confidently find and display device and energy data,
  • Create custom displays and charts for reports and exports

Read more about the course details on our website, including the full course syllabus and key elements of the training.


Why is our training so different?

We have created a completely bespoke digital eLearning platform, with custom designed training courses for self-paced learning. Starting with SkySpark topics, such as data analysis and programming with Axon, we want to make training accessible, yet fun and engaging at the same time!

Our interactive exercises use consolidation techniques to experiment with SkySpark in a safe environment.

In our SkySpark Analyst course, we provide real SkySpark in a browser for you to use with our own pre-installed data. You learn how to use SkySpark - by using SkySpark!

Our exercises and assessment questions are designed to engage you to answer in a variety of styles, using methods such as "drag and drop", "order sorting", and "fill in the blanks".

Here is a quick video clip to demonstrate!

Our Axon Core training course, teaches programmers a deeper understanding of the pure Axon programming language with our bespoke interactive Axon Command Console. Again, you learn Axon, by using Axon commands and functions. We assess your code by using a unit tests (which we believe you won't see employed anywhere else in the world!).

Exciting updates

SkySpark Analyst 2.0 is better than ever, with more exercises, more scenarios and a new fun storyline. If you don't like fun - that's ok, just turn it off with our new Story Mode toggle switch!

options switch

We also have options to change the display theme, and view the course content in different locales, such as British or American - or even French! Oooh la la!

With recent improvements to our design and graphics on our training site, there are so many reasons to try us out!

New login page

Buy a course today from our website, or perhaps from one of our distribution and reselling partners

See you on Mars!

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