How does our training compare to SkySpark Essentials?

Published on 19 Jun 2020 by Emma Eynon

How does our training compare to SkySpark Essentials?

We are often asked how our SkySpark eLearning compares to SkySpark Essentials training, but that's rather like comparing apples with oranges! To be clear on this, we aren't competing. We help new SkySpark users to get started - before SkySpark Essentials training.

"That all sounds nice, but..."

...what is SkySpark Essentials?

SkySpark is a technology created by SkyFoundry, who offer training packages which are also resold by many training partners. SkySpark Essentials is their first level training package, teaching all of the very latest features available to use in SkySpark.

Initially based in the classroom, this has now been tailored for web delivery, especially during the global pandemic crisis.

...and what is Fantom Factory eLearning?

There are some pre-requisites for attending SkySpark Essentials, which include installing the software and reaching a minimum level of knowledge in the basic use of SkySpark itself.

Our eLearning is self-contained, and is aimed at someone completely new to the industry. With our training platform set in a Mars storyline, the scenarios are simplified along with the stored data - so that even your own Mum could enjoy this course! (If she loves building automation and data science that is.)

Download our offerings document here: Our June Offerings

SkySpark Analyst - for all new SkySpark users

Our eLearning platform hosts our own SkySpark software in a browser, so students can work through practical SkySpark exercises, from any networked device. No need to install software or licences, they can get started within just a few minutes, and continue through the course at any convenient time.

Read our full course syllabus for SkySpark Analyst:

Our eLearning courses are supplementary to SkyFoundry SkySpark Essentials training, and help to raise the minimum level of knowledge and understanding as a complete SkySpark beginner.

Axon Core - for new SkySpark programmers

This course dives deep into the pure form of the Axon programming language and builds a high level of competence through many practical exercises.

View the details of Axon Core:

New reselling channels

We are very excited to announce that our eLearning is now available through SkyFoundry distribution channels. This means that your SkySpark provider can now offer you even more value with our training courses.

For those who are interested in reselling our courses, contact your VAD in the first instance. Alternatively, visit our website and get in touch:

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