Axon Docs - a free SkySpark extension for Axon functions

Published on 17 Dec 2020 by Emma Eynon

Axon Docs - a free SkySpark extension for Axon functions

Ever wondered what you can do with a Dict? Now you can simply click a button and find out!

The problem many SkySpark programmers face in Axon, is knowing which functions can be used - with each other. Documentation is readily available for individual Axon functions, but how do you know which can be used together?

Our free SkySpark extension, Axon Docs, groups all Axon functions by their first argument type, and displays them neatly within the Code app in SkySpark.

Now you can find the functions you need to use (with the dot operator method), and even maintain your own personal documentation library.

>> See Axon Docs on StackHub <<

Awesome features to use

Axon Docs adds a new View to the Code app (and legacy Func app) within SkySpark.

  • Select which libraries to show functions from
  • Edit the data types functions are associated with
  • Import and export all your settings

Axon Docs View

What's so good about it?

Erm, did we mention it's completely FREE!? Axon Docs is free to download and free to to use!

Download it directly from the SkyArc Install Manager, or from it's very own page on StackHub.

>> See Axon Docs on StackHub <<

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