Careers advice from Fantom Factory?

Published on 13 Feb 2020 by Emma Eynon

Careers advice from Fantom Factory?

A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) event at Dwr-y-Felin school.

Fantom Factory was proud to be invited to present at a careers event hosted by the local comprehensive school; Dwr-y-Felin (it’s Welsh!). Local businesses were encouraged to spend a day inspiring school children with possible career choices. The age group was 14-15, just before these children have to make choices about which subjects to specialise in for examinations at the end of school (age 16 in the UK). Hopefully, many will go on to study further, but generally, it is these examination results (GCSEs) which determine the first steps on the path to working life or further study.

Our families are both from this local area (Neath in South Wales) and I was actually born here. We have a very sentimental attitude to the area and we would love to present more opportunities to local people as our company is expected to grow. Steve and I have travelled extensively, and after living in many corners of the world, we find that we are considered unusual in a community where many people never leave the area for longer than a 2 week holiday. There is a definite lack of exposure here to the advancements in technical industries and the myriad of working possibilities that exist – just a little further afield.

Steve and I were pleased to have the opportunity to try to inspire the local young people. Especially in such an age of easy information and training access, and with a world of possibility regarding e-commerce and starting small businesses.

Teacher Adam Rayson organised a day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) presentations by local businesses, attended by approx 200+ children across 8 classroom sessions. Our presentation was based on the idea of the Smart Buldiings Industry and the hundreds of skills and job roles that this encompasses. We were able to give a little insight into our own career histories, and how we arrived at creating Fantom Factory ourselves. From my own viewpoint, I am always keen to encourage more girls to think about technical skills and jobs without the pressure of needing to become a fully fledged programmer or science nerd.

We had some great feedback at the end of the day, with many kids talking about how interesting and useful it was to meet us. For the minority, well, they had fun wearing Fanny the Fantom stickers on their foreheads for a while! At least, if anything, we brought a little fun to someone!

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