Ever feel like finding SkySpark training is an uphill battle?

Published on 06 Oct 2020 by Emma Eynon

Ever feel like finding SkySpark training is an uphill battle?

For many of us this year, more work has been carried remotely and at home, than in the workplace. The digital environment is now becoming more important to facilitate all of those important activities that still need to carry on - despite the apocalypse outside our doors.

Training has also had to adapt, with classroom sessions instead becoming pre-recorded presentations or live web meetings.

Some things never change

Although this kind of training is now offered online, perhaps you still face the same old headaches that come with this? Ok, so you don't need to travel but perhaps you still have to allocate specific hours of your working day to become available. Across different timezones, this can be even more troublesome and we all know that pets, children and spouses don't always understand the meaning of "Do not disturb"!

In many cases, these online meetings just can't match an interactive classroom experience. You may feel uninvolved and distant from the learning process, with no real feedback to gauge your progress. Pre-recorded presentations are really just that, and simply hand out information in the form of a webcast or demonstration video.

Try a new way to learn

True quality eLearning is notoriously difficult to produce, and many fail to hit the mark. At Fantom Factory though, we are extremely proud of our digital eLearning platform - offering initial courses for SkySpark training.

What's so good about it?

Forget scheduling, and forget needing to dress up for your web event! Our interactive eLearning courses mean that you log in and out at convenient times for you and work through your training materials and exercises at your own pace.

We've taken great care over the design of our training, using consolidation techniques and gamification for engagement and motivation.

Glitch the HelpBot training Leroy how to use SkySpark

Learn by doing

We really believe in "learning by doing". This means that if you take our SkySpark Analyst training course, we teach you how to find and analyse data, by using our hosted SkySpark - to find and analyse data! No installs, no pre-requisites, we start from the very beginning!

In our programming course, Axon Core, we teach you how to program in Axon, with our very own custom Axon Command Console. You work through coding exercises, which are assessed with a form of unit testing to give you real feedback on your code!

Freedom of extra time

Our training offers you complete freedom to learn at times to suit you. Without the need to commit entire days to attend training, you'll spend only quality time on your custom and tailored eLearning instead.

So, the only real question is, what will you do with all of that extra time?

Why not take a look at our available SkySpark eLearning courses, which are also available from our distribution and reselling partners

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