Now available on StackHub - Pod Builder

Published on 04 Aug 2020 by Steve Eynon

Now available on StackHub - Pod Builder

Pod Builder is a new SkySpark application you can use to easily create SkySpark extensions for your Axon functions, apps, and views.

Now available to download from - StackHub

Pod Builder is packed full of features to help you customise your new SkySpark extension.

In our last article we looked at some design plans for Pod Builder. Now that Pod Builder is a real working extension, here's how it looks:

Main view

Pod Builder - main view

Here on the main overview page, you can edit the Pod details, version, release status, and other details. The comprehensive Metadata Dialogue means you don't have to remember, second guess, or look up any meta key names and their meanings.

Use the enhanced Readme input to edit instructions and support information; use the Preview tab to spot any formatting typos.

Use the Readme window to edit fandoc content and easily manage any support information you would like to publish.

The Pod Problems window shows software linting information to help you spot when you've made a mistake somewhere!

Pod Builder - problems table

Once all content for the pod has been defined and added, the Build Pod button gives further options to build, download, and / or install your new pod!

Folio view

In this view, you can define and build your pod trio files with records and content from Folio. Trio files may contain custom Axon functions, views, apps, templates and / or tag definitions. You can even create and manage your own custom trio files!

Pod Builder - Folio view

Files view

Pod Builder - Files view

Manage the file directory structure for your pod here, and add static resource files like; help files, images, icons, and screenshots.

StackHub integration

Create a free account on StackHub, and you can share your SkySpark extension with the rest of the world! Uploading pods to StackHub also makes them available in the SkySpark Install Manager.

In the Build Pod dialogue click the "Upload to StackHub" button to upload your pod to a StackHub package of the same name.

Pods on StackHub are usually publicly available to everyone, but if that doesn't suit, they may be kept private to your organisation for as little as $25 USD / month. See StackHub subscriptions for details

Pod Builder evaluation

Pod Builder may be a commercial product, but you can create SkySpark extensions for FREE!

Without a valid licence, Pod Builder enters into an fully featured evaluation mode where everything is enabled, but is limited to creating just the ONE SkySpark extension.

To produce more pods, or if you'd just like to support our efforts, a commercial licence is available for purchase from StackHub.

Only $49 per SkySpark installation!

Pob Builder on StackHub

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