Have you experienced Next-Gen eLearning yet?

Published on 27 Apr 2022 by Emma Eynon
Updated on 20 Jun 2022

Have you experienced Next-Gen eLearning yet?

We believe the best way to learn is the practical approach - "to learn by doing", which can be hard to achieve with traditional Learning Management Systems. In fact, to get around this many educators resort back to recording long video tutorials or using webcasts to deliver a live online training.

Our challenge was to design and build a digital platform to integrate practical tooling and create an immersive and fun environment for real experiential eLearning.

True eLearning is a digital system rather than online training, generally requiring serious technical expertise to create and use. This makes it hard for the educators who focus on skillsets around content creation. But not for us!

The future of eLearning?

Our company is uniquely designed to create professionally accredited courseware AND develop the perfect digital software system to accommodate all the features we can dream up!

Our unique cloud based platform is handcrafted with tons of features to create a new breed of next-generation eLearning delivery.

See for yourself!

How we deliver experiential eLearning

For each eLearning course we create, we implement practical features into the platform that we feel help best deliver the specific learning objectives.

SkySpark Analyst

Objective: To find and analyse relevant data using the main analytical applications in SkySpark, navigating through the relevant screens and options.

Our practical solution: Enabling students to use a fixed data set in a real web hosted SkySpark instance with read-only access.

SkySpark Engineer

Objective: To understand the elements of building a SkySpark project with records, rules, and points.

Our practical solution: Enabling students to simulate a project build with the Arcadia Toolkit, providing a synthesised connector feed and ready-made Axon functions and project data.

SkySpark Viewbuilder

Objective: To create views, dashboards and options in the SkySpark screens to present relevant data.

Our practical solution: Enabling students to use a ready-made project with the Arcadia Toolkit, providing ready-made Axon functions and completed Views to explore and copy.

Axon Programmer

Objective: To use the core syntax of the Axon Programming language to a high standard.

Our practical solution: Enabling students to practise and use real Axon code in a specially designed Command Console as a question type.

Haystack Essentials

Objective: To create basic data models using Project Haystack tag definitions and documentation.

Our practical solution: Enabling students to use official resources for questions, and to browse through completed data models for comparison with our specially crafted example engineering diagrams.

arcadia toolkit

Don't just take our word for it - we're also winning awards!

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