26 Dec 2021
SkySpark Engineer Link Changes

Updated various links to the SkyFoundry website.

25 Dec 2021
Happy Holidays!

Check out our LinkedIn post for the holidays!

Happy Holiday image

25 Dec 2021
Belimo Cloud Ext v1.10

An optimised SkySpark connector for the Belimo Cloud.

This updated connector is compatible with SkySpark v3.1.1.

20 Dec 2021
Pod Builder v1.2.2

Transform your Axon functions, Views, and Apps, into custom SkySpark extensions.

Minor update to support pod.depends meta data.

Thanks to Nathan of Trove Consulting for the suggestion.

20 Dec 2021
We've improved our website shop page design!

We find this makes it much easier to find the information about our growing eLearning range.

Take a look!

18 Dec 2021
We released a new versionof Fantom Pod Manager - FPM 2.1.4

Fantom Pod Manager (FPM) provides a targeted environment for building, testing, and running Fantom applications.

Read the docs on eggbox.fantomfactory.org

17 Dec 2021
Our new Corporate Training Packages are now available!

Perfect for training teams, reducing your overheads on creating individual orders. We are very pleased to offer our extra training support services for a minimum order of just 10 eLearning seats.

Watch our new video to explain!
07 Dec 2021
New Pod Builder v1.2.2 Explainer Video

Check out our new YouTube video - all about our new Pod Builder!

28 Nov 2021
Sass4f 0.2.0

A compiler for SCSS and SASS. Updated the internal libraries to jsass/5.10.4 and libsass/3.6.4 and patched jsass to remove deprecation warnings.

Check out Eggbox for more details.

22 Nov 2021
New Axon Encryptor Explainer Video

Our new explainer video for Axon Encryptor shows how easy it is to encrypt your Axon and keep your code secure.

12 Nov 2021
Also Energy Cloud API

Created a bespoke extension for SkySpark and HttpClient that auto-authenticates HTTP requests to the Also Energy Cloud API and obfuscates credentials from console and log views.

11 Nov 2021
New software icons

New icons for our commercial software on StackHub.

Axon Encryptor Thumbnail Http Client Pod Builder

10 Nov 2021
SkySpark Engineer question adjustment

Reworded Q8.2.9 to be clearer.

We have updated this in module 8.2 of SkySpark Engineer.

Thanks to feedback from Darius Minus.

10 Nov 2021
HTTP Client updated to v2.1.0

Now runs on SkySpark v3.1, and a new afHttpConfig() function allows config to be set for the current session.

09 Nov 2021
HTTP Client v2.0.10

New support for custom HTTP client plugins, updated the underlying HTTP Client library to v2.0.4.

Fixed a bug relating to Digest authentication and another where the afHttpUriPlusQuery() function would throw an NPE.

Thanks to feedback from David Binstock

Http Client

04 Nov 2021
Pod Builder v1.2

Provides integration with Axon Encryptor and compatibility with SkySpark v3.1.

Pod Builder

04 Nov 2021
Axon Encryptor v2.0 Release

Re-write of the original Axonator code.

Axon Encryptor runs on SkySpark v3.1, splits the runtime code into its own extension, and provides seamless integration with Pod Builder.

Axon Encryptor

19 Oct 2021
Dark Theme for F4

A dark mode theme for the Fantom F4 IDE, based on the "doom-vibrant" theme for Doom Emacs.

Check out GitHub for more details.

14 Oct 2021
SkySpark Engineer connector change

The web address for our training connector has changed.

We have updated this in module 5.2 of SkySpark Engineer and module 11 of Engineer Journal.

All of our existing users have been notified about the change via email.

13 Oct 2021
Fantom Factory sponsors SkyPosium 2021

Fantom Factory was a sponsor of this year's SkyPosium 2021.

Although we could not be there in person, we made sure that would not stop us from leaving an impression, by delivering an incredible video talking first and foremost about everything that we do, as well as a little bit about us and our team.

See our article for more details.


23 Sep 2021
Updates for SkySpark v3.1

Updated and re-compiled 8 custom client connectors, extensions, and pods so they continue to work with the new SkySpark v3.1 release.

22 Sep 2021
PodBuilder Ext 1.1.16

BugFix: Removing a Trio file from the Folio View did not delete the actual file on the file system. Now it does!

Thanks to feedback from Ian Habermann of AFM.

16 Sep 2021
Axon Docs Ext 0.2.2

The Axon Docs v0.2.2 is now fully compatible with SkySpark 3.0.29!

Fixed an error when a previously documented function could not be found.

Thanks to feedback from Simon Challet.

14 Sep 2021
New Haxall v3.1.1 download

Updated the Haxall article to link to our new build of Haxall v3.1.1.

14 Sep 2021
TechLog Images

The code behind this TechLog page has been updated so TechLog entries may also show display images.

13 Sep 2021
SkySpark Engineer section tweaked

The rule writing section of our SkySpark Engineer course (7.6 - Assigning Spark costs) has been updated to add help on how to recompute a spark rule.

Thanks to feedback from Javier Betancourt.

11 Sep 2021
Fantom 1.0.77 Windows Installer

With the release of Fantom 1.0.77, we have updated our Windows Installer.

Download it from the Fantom website!

06 Sep 2021
SkySpark Engineer feedback improvement

The disMacros section (4.7) of our SkySpark Engineer course has been updated to give a better example and clearer instruction.

Thanks to feedback from Javier Betancourt.

02 Sep 2021
Release of our FREE Online Comic Book

Read the amazing backstory of our Alpha Colony! We've released a fun freebie comic book for you to enjoy on our MARS training platform!

We use the Alpha Colony scenario for consolidatory training techniques AND to make these boring subject matters actually enjoyable!

Alpha Colony Backstory Graphic

See our LinkedIn post for information, or go directly to our training site and create a free account to access it right now!

24 Aug 2021
Axon Programmer v2.3

Our new version of this Axon eLearning course (and the accompanying Axon Journal) is designed specifically for the new open source HAXALL platform.

  • Tailored and tested for the new open source HAXALL platform.
  • Updated content including images and description changes

Completely agnostic of using any commercial products, learn how to use Axon as it relates to the key technology elements of Haxall, such as the Folio database.

See our news article for more details!

29 Jul 2021
Axon Docs Ext 0.2.0

The new Axon Docs v0.2.0 brings continued compatibility with SkySpark 3.0.28+ !

All functions have been re-tagged to conform to the new library split in the later SkySpark versions. And tabbing out of Axon Docs and back in again doesn't lose your settings any more.

And... Axon Docs is still compatible with older SkySpark versions too!

19 Jul 2021
SkySpark Rule Development

Delivered and deployed a suite of SkySpark Rules, utilising our software development expertise and dedicated strategy to testing.

17 Jul 2021
F4 IDE 1.1.6

Updated the embedded Fantom runtime to Fantom 1.0.76, fixed many long standing bugs, and fully enabled Dark Mode.

Download the latest release from GitHub.

14 Jul 2021
JSON 2.0.12

A JSON to Fantom object mapping library.

API updates.

13 Jul 2021
SkySpark Analyst Energy question updates

Updated questions relating to the Energy Profile View (module 7) to give clearer answers.

Thanks to James Gessel for the feedback.

13 Jul 2021
Pod Builder Ext 1.1.14

Added a fix for a ValDef validation bug in SkySpark 3.0.29, see the SkyFoundry forum for details.

Thanks to Leroy Simms of ABI Advantage LLC for reporting.

11 Jul 2021
New course achievements

We've re-evaluated our course achievements; assigned more appropriate names, and designed fresh new badges for each.

The achievements:

  • Lift Off! - Correctly answer your first exercise
  • Space Odysse - Successfully complete ALL the exercises
  • Astro Vision - Watch any video from start to end
  • Celestial Cinema - Watch ALL the videos from start to end
  • Ace of Space - Pass a checkpoint with the top score of 100%
  • Galaxy Brain - Pass ALL checkpoints with the top score of 100%
  • Mission Accomplished - Pass the final assessment of the course
  • Maximum Velocity - Pass the final assessment, first time, with a score of 100%
  • Saving the Planet - A special achievement for completing ALL optional material.

More than that, we've also reallocated their XP points so harder achievements are worth more XP. Can't say fairer than that!

10 Jul 2021
SkySpark Analyst 3.0

This MASSIVE boost to the SkySpark Analyst eLearning course is a refresh for SkySpark 3.0.29 and incorporates:

  • A whole new module
  • 5 new topics
  • 20 new questions
  • New achievement badges and XP allocation
  • fresh new videos (no more creepy hand pointer - sigh) Not to mention a complete overhaul of all the existing content, exercises, checkpoints, and an updated final assessment!
10 Jul 2021
Pod Builder Ext 1.1.12

Updated Pod Builder to work with the latest (3.0.29) version of SkySpark.

It sounds easy, but involved investigating and solving some backwards binary compatibility problems with the various versions of SkySpark! Phew!

Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting the incompatibility.

07 Jul 2021
FPM Fantom Pod Manager 2.1.2

Fantom Pod Manager dynamically resolves pod dependencies, providing a targeted environment for building, testing, and running Fantom apps.

Fix for shifting transitive dependency trees during dependency resolution.

30 Jun 2021
SkySpark Connector for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Share My Data API

Finished development on a SkySpark Connector for the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Share My Data API.

30 Jun 2021
FlowWorks Connector for SkySpark

Finished development on a SkySpark Connector for the FlowWorks REST API complete with optimised HTTP 1.1 keep-alive connections!

25 Jun 2021
Fantom Factory eLearning courses now have 8 weeks of access!

After reviewing the general demand of our own students, we've just increased our eLearning access to 8 weeks!

See our LinkedIn Post for more details.

20 Jun 2021
Form Bean 1.2.8

Renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation.

API updates.

19 Jun 2021
Axon Programmer hint update

Added more help to the hint in Q11.2.1 of Axon Programmer.

Thanks to April Slotterback for the feedback.

19 Jun 2021
New Fantom Factory video, "Our SkySpark eLearning range"

This 2 minute video introduces each of our training courses, to help you choose your SkySpark learning journey!

13 Jun 2021
JSON-RPC 0.1.0

Has been released.

It is an implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification.

03 Jun 2021
BiqSave becomes a Fantom Factory eLearning Distributor

BiqSave of Norway is now listed as a Fantom Factory eLearning distributor!

See Our Resellers for details.


01 Jun 2021
SkySpark Engineer Spark Costs tweak

Tweaked the wording around Spark Costs in section 7.6 of SkySpark Engineer.

Thanks to Jay Radia for the feedback.

17 May 2021
Pod Builder Ext 1.1.10

Now contains Axon functions to build, install, and upload pods - allowing Pod Builder to be scripted.

Thanks to Ian Habermann of AFM for the suggestion.

14 May 2021
SkySpark Analyst question tweak

Corrected a slight mis-understanding in Q6.4.4 regarding the Energy app.

Thanks to Brandon DeLorenzo for the feedback.

13 May 2021
SkySpark Engineer question hint tweaks

Reworded some question hints in "Module 5 - Connectors" to add extra help.

Thanks to Samuel Weisenberg for the feedback.

12 May 2021
Sonrai IAQ Web Application

Released an updated analytics dashboard page for the Sonrai Air Quality Fantom web application.

Sonrai Analytics Page - by Fantom Factory

11 May 2021
Axon Programmer lambda tweak

Added an extra explanation around lambda function arguments and updated the model answer for Q8.3.2.

Thanks to Andrew Lynch for the feedback.

07 May 2021
New Fantom Factory video, "Build a SkySpark project with tags"

Re-released our Haystack Connect PitchFest presentation for all to see!

04 May 2021
SkySpark Engineer Journal

Released the FREE course companion to SkySpark Engineer.

04 May 2021
Fantom Factory sponsors Haystack Connect 2021

Fantom Factory was a Silver sponsor at the 2021 Haystack Connect virtual conference, and delivered a high energy video in the PitchFest event.

If there had been votes for the best PitchFest presentation, we would have surely won!

Haystack Connect

02 May 2021
Average star ratings for our eLearning courses

To give potential customers the extra confidence they really are about to purchase quality eLearning, we've added an average 5 star rating to all our course summaries. The ratings are calculated real time from all our customer course reviews.

And yes, all our courses really DO average 5 out of 5 stars!

27 Apr 2021
SkySpark Engineer Digital Tools

Released a FREE SkySpark extension and an external synthesised Haystack data source to complement our SkySpark Engineer training course.

Arcadia Toolkit

25 Apr 2021
SkySpark 10pt Licences - not for sale.

After talks with SkyFoundry, we no longer facilitate sales of SkySpark 10 point licences from Active Facility Monitoring.

Instead, you must purchase licences yourself from your SkySpark resller... or Active Facility Monitoring.

23 Apr 2021
Sonrai IAQ Web Application

Released a new dashboard and chart page for the Sonrai Air Quality Fantom web application.

Sonrai Dashboard Page - by Fantom Factory

23 Apr 2021
SkySpark Engineer question tweaks

Clarified questions Q4.7.3 and Q4.7.4.

Thanks to Mike Robbins for the feedback.

20 Apr 2021
SkySpark Engineer tweaks

Thanks to John Ang for feeding back improvements:

  • Altered Q2.2.1 to make it more realistic with regard to Project Haystack tags
  • Explained how whitespace around values in .trio files is optional
  • Fixed Q2.5.3 to follow SkySpark conventions for IO files.
  • Made assessment Q8 more lenient.
18 Apr 2021
Axon Programmer tweaks

Thanks to John Ang for feeding back these following improvements:

  • Tweaked the punctuation in Q3.1.1 and Q3.1.2
  • Fixed typo in 5.2 Get, Set, D'Oh code example
  • Reworded Q5 in Checkpoint 8.4 to be a little clearer
  • Fixed a typo in a code example in topic 9.3 Functions requiring lambdas
  • Replaced usage of hisClear() in revision question Q11.2.1 with a more correct hisRemove()
16 Apr 2021
Reverse SkySpark Connector

Made various (authentication) updates to our SkySpark extension that allows SkySpark instances to report their health and status to a central monitoring station via the SkySpark Connector framework.

13 Apr 2021
Fantom Factory Fat Logos

Desgined and released new Fantom Factory FAT Logos for situations that require a smaller aspect ratio.

Fantom Factory FAT Logo

12 Apr 2021
SkySpark 10pt Licences - now for sale!

In conjunction with Active Facility Monitoring we now offer SkySpark 10 point licences for sale to accompany our training courses.

10 Apr 2021
Fantom Factory sponsors Cx Energy 2021

We are happy to sponsor a pre-recorded talk of Fast Track COVID-19 Alternative Care Facility (ACF) by Ryan McClain of Pinnacle Engery Services Inc.

07 Apr 2021
SkySpark Engineer Marketing Video

Work completes on our fantastic new short video that really showcases what our new SkySpark Engineer training looks like!

> Introducing our SkySpark Engineer eLearning course <

06 Apr 2021
SkySpark Programmer 2.1

Axon Programmer 2.1 is released, boasting:

  • Updated and tested for SkySpark 3.0.28 (from v3.0.25)
  • New video giving an overview of the Axon Command Console
  • Links to the new SkyFoundry documentation
05 Apr 2021
HTTP Client Forever!

Completed a major update and re-design of our internal HTTP Client library.

It now handles persistent (keep-alive) connections as defined by HTTP 1.1 making data transfer up to 3x faster!

The new connection agnostic design also paves the way for a new HTTP 2.0 implementation.

29 Mar 2021
IoT Warez becomes a Fantom Factory eLearning Distributor

Another great company, IoT Warez, joins the ranks as a Fantom Factory eLearning distributor!

See Our Resellers for details.

IoT Warez

28 Mar 2021
Updated SkyFoundry documentation links

Frantically updated 100s and 100s of documentation links across all our 9 courses after SkyFoundry updated their website to conform too Haystack 4.


23 Mar 2021
SkySpark Engineer 1.0

The first public release of SkySpark Engineer 1.0.

Learn how to use Project Haystack (v4) Tagging, Site Builder, the Folio Database, filter expressions, Connectors, and Rules.

Create new project, site, and equip records, bind points, import and collect history, tune Connectors, set up Rules, and view Sparks.

SkySpark Engineer has it all!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Emma! :D

22 Mar 2021
Sonrai IAQ Web Application

Released an updated Kiosk mode page for the Sonrai Air Quality Fantom web application.

Sonrai Kiosk Mode v2 - by Fantom Factory

22 Mar 2021
Axon Journal typo fix

Fixed a typo in Axon Journal.

Thanks to Willem Timmers for the feedback.

18 Mar 2021
Intellastar becomes a Fantom Factory eLearning Reseller

Fantom Factory are happy to welcome Intellastar as the latest reseller of our eLearning courses.

See Our Resellers for details.


17 Mar 2021
Fantom Factory becomes a Digital City Awards 2021 Finalist

We were ecstatic to be informed that Fantom Factory were shortlisted as a finalist in the 2021 Digital City Awards for the category Best Use of Technology - Education!

See Digital City Awards 2021: The Shortlist for details.

Digital City Awards 2021 - Finalist

10 Mar 2021
Sonrai IAQ Web Application

Released a mobile microsite for the Sonrai Air Quality Fantom web application.

Sonrai Microsite - by Fantom Factory

09 Mar 2021
Ecosave becomes a Fantom Factory eLearning Reseller

Fantom Factory are delighted to welcome Ecosave as a reseller of our eLearning courses.

See Our Resellers for details.


07 Mar 2021

Refactored the mechanism in which website Articles are loaded to accommodate a more flexible directory structure.

06 Mar 2021
Course expiry dates

Course expiry dates are now shown in the dashboard - under the Course Descritption tab.

03 Mar 2021
Project Cloning Extension

Delivered updates to our SkySpark extension that completely clones an existing SkySpark project - and updates ALL deeply nested references.

02 Mar 2021
New look Axon Command Console

Axon Command Console updated to have an explicit "Test Code" button, making it more obvious to distinguish between "Practice" and "Answer" modes.

24 Feb 2021
F4 FPM 1.1.10

Updated F4 FPM Plugin to use the new version of FPM.

24 Feb 2021
FPM 2.1.0

Manages pods and their dependencies, providing a targeted environment for building, testing, and running Fantom apps.

Heavily refactored FPM config parsing and made locating repositories more natural and linux friendly.

12 Feb 2021
Fixed course progress bar

Courses' progress bars often displayed a higher percentage complete than they should.

They now reset themselves to what they should be, the next time they update.

10 Feb 2021
Pod Provisioning Extension

Updated extension so Jobs and Logs are compatible with both SkySpark 3.0.27 and earlier 3.0 releases.

09 Feb 2021
SkySpark Engineer - coming soon!

Rewrote course descriptions and added a preview of our new SkySpark Engineer course.

08 Feb 2021
BuildingFit offers Fantom Factory eLearning courses

BuildingFit were always excited to be Fantom Factory distributor, but now they have a whole page on their website dedicated to out eLearning products!

See Fantom Factory Courses for details.

04 Feb 2021
Sonrai IAQ Web Application

Sterling Bay's 333 N. Green St. property is the first in Chicago to receive the WELL Health & Safety Rating thanks to our development of the Sonrai Indoor Air Quality web application.

See the video report in WELL Health & Safety rating verifies workplace safety during COVID-19 by AB7 News for details.

Sonrai Kiosk Mode - by Fantom Factory

01 Feb 2021
NEW character cartoon designs

Kira, Glitch, Leroy, and Astrid have all been re-designed by our new illustrator and now reside on Alpha Colony.

SkySpark Analyst, Axon Programmer, Watt's Up, and the Tutorial have been updated with new content and story enhancements to better show the new style and character emotions.

Training seriously doesn't get any better than this!

31 Jan 2021
Login / register pages

Enhanced form feedback of failure messages and tweaked the Google reCAPTCHA logic.

29 Jan 2021
Axon Programmer question tweaks

Tweaked exercise Q3.2.5 and checkpoint Q3.6.5.

Thanks to Yandre Lozano for the feedback.

25 Jan 2021
Fantom Views for Course Analytics (internal)

Created an internal SkySpark extension to import and view all our user data in funky Fantom Views.

This helps us greatly with monitoring students, code, and fixing problems.

We're watching you!

20 Jan 2021
BSON 1.1.2

A BSON specification implementation.

Optimised reading and writing BSON documents.

19 Jan 2021
New pages, new designs!

Finished adding new pages and grooming page layouts

Content has been split up into multiple pages to make finding information easy and straight forward. The new pages are:

  • Why learn with us
  • What is Alpha Colony
  • Customer Reviews (live)
  • Resellers
  • FAQs
  • Fantom Software Services
  • Programming Portfolio
  • Tech Log
14 Jan 2021
Bean Utils 1.0.12

Utilities and software patterns commonly associated with data objects.

Minor updates.

12 Jan 2021
IoC Config 1.1.2

An IoC library for providing injectable config values.

Read config from secret.props by default.

11 Jan 2021
Pod Builder Ext 1.1.8

Transform your Axon functions, Views, and Apps, into custom SkySpark extensions.

Bug fix.

Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting.

07 Jan 2021
eLearning trial version implementation

We are now able to offer official trial versions of our courses, with restricted course assessments and a limited access time period.

06 Jan 2021
Dashboard updates

Amended the Mars Dashboard to show trial versions and display new messages.

06 Jan 2021
Updated course instructions

New look and updated information for our welcome aboard instructions for courses - and extensions!

02 Jan 2021
New online shop page

Redesigned our online course shop page, and with new Time Capsules.

This is the start of a larger piece of re-design work.