06 Jan 2024
Released afSlim 1.5.0

Here are some new features and changes for you:

  • New: Slim syntax now handled extended Fantom L10N literals!
  • New: SlimTag utility class to ease Slim component creation.
  • Change: Slim ctor now takes a map of options. (Backwards breaking change.)

Find out more in the Release notes here on Eggbox.

afSlim logo

20 Dec 2023
StackHub Update

StackHub updated to recognise Project Haystack 4 definitions within uploaded pods - that get displayed on the Pod's tag summary page.

Have a look here on StackHub.

stackhub logo

18 Dec 2023
Released Belimo Cloud v1.1.4

Here is a quick update to make life more comfortable:

  • Change: Updated to be compatible with Belimo v4 Energy Valves

Find out more in the Release notes here on StackHub.

Belimo Cloud banner

15 Dec 2023
Released PodBuilder v1.2.14

We have made an update to make your life easier:

  • Change: Fixes for new JS Compiler added in SkySpark 3.1.9

Find out more in the Release notes here on StackHub.

podbuilder banner

15 Dec 2023
Released AxonEncryptor v2.0.8

We have made a quick update to allow for smooth sailing:

  • Change: Updated to work with new SkySpark 3.1.9 ECMA Javascript compiler

Find out more in the Release notes here on StackHub.

axonencryptor banner

15 Dec 2023
Released FolioFileSync v1.0.2

We've made some fixes and changes to make your experience even better:

  • Bug: Fix for new 3.1.9 JS compiler
  • Change: Added defs for default synced file recs

Find out more in the Release notes here on StackHub.

foiofilesync banner

04 Dec 2023
Nyan Cat Ext v1.0.2

We made some quick changes to make this view even more SPARKLY!

  • New: Custom CSS properties may be added to the title, subtitle, and other parts of the Nyan Cat card.
  • Change: Prevented Nyan Cat from being clipped at extreme values.
  • Change: Added an explicit licence section to the documentation.

Check it out here on StackHub.

Add some Sparkle to your SkySpark... with NYAN CAT!
01 Dec 2023
Nyan Cat Ext v1.0

Delight customers and managers alike with the Nyan Cat Card View on SkySpark FOR FREE!

Check it out here on StackHub.

nyan cat banner

25 Nov 2023
StackHub update

Here is the new StackHub updates:

  • New: Customers may now manually delete their own Account - as opposed to having to email support with a query
  • New: Automatic "Your licence is expiring" emails sent to vendors now contain notes as added by the vendor

Try them here on StackHub.

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23 Oct 2023
entroCIM Analyst fix

Fixed a wording error in Q5.2.4 in our entroCIM Analyst course.

Thanks to Jan Zajas for highlighting this.

entroCIM Analyst course details

22 Oct 2023
StackHub update

Here is the new StackHub update:

  • Customer are automatically emailed their licence files when purchased - meaning they don't have to manually download them.

Have a look here on StackHub.

stackhub logo

10 Oct 2023
Kaiterra Cloud Connector v1.1.2

Kaiterra Cloud Ext is a SkySpark connector for ALL Kaiterra Laser Egg and SenseEdge devices.

The Kaitterra Cloud connector update includes:

  • Fixed an issue with "Personal" devices not showing in the Learn tree. Thanks to Austin Hinners from BranchPattern for bringing this to our attention.
  • Added a unit test using the ProjTest framework to test the Learn tree "for real".

Take a look at afKaiterraCloudExt

afKaiterraCloud banner

02 Oct 2023
Software Developer Bundle Release

Our new Software Developer Bundle is all of our essential SkySpark developer tools - in one convenient licence!

Read all about it here in our Software Developer Bundle News Article.

Software Developer Bundle banner

01 Oct 2023
New Video - Our SkySpark Dashboards

Starting off with the native displays and visualisations available, we are proud to showcase how Fantom produces a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of dashboard display screens!

  • 1. Default SkySpark Views
  • 2. SkySpark Viewbuilder
  • 3. Fantom Views
  • 4. Fantom Websites

To see these amazing dashboards take a look now on our YouTube channel:

25 Sep 2023
The Stationers' Awards 2023

Our Fantom Factory team had the absolute privilege to be finalists in the recent Innovation Excellence Awards held by the historic Stationers' Company in London.

Read all about it here in our Stationers Awards 2023 News Article. Stationers Awards Cover

23 Sep 2023
Folio File Sync v1.00 Released

Folio File Sync enables GIT and Source Code Management development processes to be used with SkySpark. Features include:

  • Sync Folio records to .trio files
  • Sync .trio files to Folio records
  • Customise directories and file naming conventions
  • Import / export settings for easy configuration
  • Ready-made Axon functions for scripting synchronisations

Find out more here! release notes on StackHub.

foiofilesync banner

21 Sep 2023
Pod Builder v1.2.12 is here!

Here are the new changes and fixes:

  • Chg: New "About Us" dialogue containing updated graphic, message and links.

See all the changes in the release notes on StackHub.

podbuilder banner

13 Sep 2023
Pod Builder v1.2.10 is here!

Here are the new changes and fixes:

  • Chg: Allow system meta (e.g. pod.fcode) to be included in pod meta.props. Thanks to Nathan Travis of Trove Consulting for the idea.
  • Bug: Fixed file lock issue when PodBuilder was used to re-install newly built pods on Windows systems, see SkyFoundry forum for details.

Thank you to Samuel Nelson of Synergy for reporting.

See all the changes in the release notes on StackHub.

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12 Sep 2023
Our new Ratings Filter

We've had so many great reviews on our courses, that we've had to add a filter on the star ratings to show them all!

We invite all of our students and software customers to review our services for feedback which we automatically publish here on our website!

Review System image

08 Sep 2023
Fantom fix on GitHub

GitHub is a platform and cloud-based service for software development and version control using Git, allowing developers to store and manage their code.

  • Fix: We fixed a bug in the core Fantom language whereby browser dom Events in Java could not express which mouse button was clicked at the time of inception.

Have a look

03 Sep 2023
afPegger v1.1.8

Pegger is a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) implementation. It lets you create text parsers by building up a tree of simple matching rules.

We've updated Pegger with this:

  • New convenience methods to find(), search(), and replace().
  • More macro rules.
  • More convenience methods in result Matches
  • Now runs in Javascript!
  • Bug fixes.

For when Regular Expressions just aren't enough!

Take a look at afPegger

afPegger image

20 Aug 2023
SkySpark Engineer v2.0

Our best selling course SkySpark Engineer is now bigger and better than ever - updated for SkySpark v3.1.8.

We've also listened to all of your feedback and improved several questions in the final assessment and for the Ice Drill challenge in topic 5.7!

Contact us for free trial access at any time.

SkySpark Engineer gif banner

26 Jul 2023
Pod Builder v1.2.8 is here!
  • New: Pod Builder now allows concurrent users to edit different pod projects.

Thank you to Sherri Simms of ABI Advantage for the idea.

See all the changes in the release notes on StackHub.

podbuilder banner

24 Jul 2023
afBounce v1.1.14

A headless browser for testing web sites and BedSheet applications.

  • Chg: Treat absolute localhost URLs as if they were relative.

Sometimes it's hard to avoid absolute URLs!

Take a look at afBounce

afBounce image

24 Jul 2023
afFormBean v1.2.10

FormBeam renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation.

  • The bean instance passed to render() methods is now optional.

Find out more! Visit the Fantom Eggbox Pod Repository

20 Jul 2023
SkySpark extension updates

Our team updated 12 custom Fantom pods for a customer to ensure they continue to work with SkySpark 3.1.8. Ahh - relax!

18 Jul 2023
Sign up to our newsletter!

Honestly, it's taken us some sweet time to sort out our email newsletters!

We've added a new sign up feature on our website to tell us who to send our newsletters to!

Stay up to date with Fantom Factory news and events:

Newsletter button

13 Jul 2023
ALC connector update

Working with a familiar SkySpark client, we were happy to update their ALC connector to be compatible with the latest SkySpark 3.1.8 release.

07 Jul 2023
Fantom Factory sponsors Cardiff Space Academy

Our company was proud to sponsor a local education project - the Cardiff Space Academy

Working with Cardiff university, Cardiff High School, and Cardiff Commitment, we provided a space education eLearning course for the Space Academy students. On the final day we met the children in person to go over the course and to hand out certificates and free SWAG!

All part of our STEM Futures eLearning initiative.

Academy certificate

06 Jul 2023
SkySpark Analyst updates

We recently reviewed feedback from contributing students and made improvements to our SkySpark Analyst course.

Thank you everyone!

SkySpark Analyst course details

05 Jul 2023
Silver winners at the Welsh Veterans Awards

Fantom Factory received a silver award as "Best Veteran Owned Business" for 2023 at the prestigious Welsh Veterans Awards.

This recognises the growth of our company and services as a Welsh business.

(At least since we won the bronze last year!).

welsh awards logo