NEW Axon eLearning for Haxall

Published on 24 Aug 2021 by Emma Eynon

NEW Axon eLearning for Haxall

We've released the new version of Axon Programmer (v2.3) eLearning course with content based around the new open source Haxall technology platform.

Haxall is a free open source technology platform for anyone to use.

This makes our Axon training agnostic to any commercial product you may need to learn Axon for!

What does Axon Programmer v.2.3 teach?

Axon Programmer teaches a comprehensive understanding of using the core Axon syntax.

The Axon language is designed for use with other Haxall compatible technologies like Folio and Project Haystack data tagging - so these form an integral part of the training syllabus.

Course Outline:

Demonstrate the ability to:

Use core syntax, units, operations, Lists, and Dicts

Use top level funcs, default args, and the dot operator

Use variables and if statements

Read Folio with filter expressions and de-referencing

Use, parse, and format DateTime literals and time zones

Read and write data with the history extension

Manipulate Grids, Lists, and Dicts with lambdas

Commit / write to the Folio database

Handle errors

Demonstrate the knowledge and awareness of:

The relationship between Haystack and Axon

Basic error troubleshooting

How to read and write data with external sources

How and when to use Components

Read the full Axon course syllabus

Axon Programmer content

So, whether you use the Fin Framework, SkySpark, Haxall, or any other commercial product with Axon, you can be confident that our training will teach you pure Axon.

We do this with the aid of our amazing Axon Command Console to replicate the use of an Axon Shell tool - all within our browser content!

No need for a local software installation - we provide everything you need.

Axon Programmer eLearning Course

Let us help!

As Fantom experts, we'd be happy to help if you need us.

Send us a message and we can arrange a quick call to see how we can advise or contribute to your software project.

We could create that custom connector of your dreams, and using our full stack development experience, we could pipe data from Haxall into any system!

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