Fantom Factory at SkyPosium 2022

Published on 18 Oct 2022 by Emma Eynon

Fantom Factory at SkyPosium 2022

Fantom Factory is very pleased to sponsor SkyPosium again this year (even though we can't be there in person)!

Look for our colourful exhibition stand which we proudly share with the StackHub organisation!

Send us a selfie on LinkedIn at our stand and we'll send you a free gift!

So, what do we offer?

We continue to support the SkySpark community with our certified SkySpark training options and help with all kinds of software development services especially with web technologies and the Fantom programming language.

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Great! ...But what IS Fantom and why would I need it? image of Fanny

Fantom is the general purpose language that SkySpark is built with. This means that if you want to build onto your own SkySpark projects, with third party websites, software applications or bespoke data connectors - you will need to use Fantom!

Our software development services

Finding a Fantom software developer can be really difficult, and to grow one yourself is harder still!

Anyone learning Fantom will need to be an experienced programmer who is able to pick up a complete and comprehensive new language through mostly reference material. Very few developers are willing to go to such levels purely for working with SkySpark.

Once you weigh up the costs involved, a much easier solution is to outsource the work to an experienced Fantom development company - like us!

We help you achieve real SkySpark goals and optimise your data systems.

Our software development services

Ready-made software

Did you know we also have lots of ready-made software you can grab immediately? Take a look at our Software Portfolio and find all of the latest available downloads on our StackHub page.

>>Download our software from StackHub<<

SkySpark eLearning

Our next generation eLearning platform is winning awards!

Don't wait around for scheduled SkySpark training sessions to start - try our on-demand courses and learn all about SkySpark at your own convenience.

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Each carefully designed eLearning course offers free digital tooling, digital certification, and accreditation towards Continued Education programs!

(Not to mention all of those TREES you can plant simply by completing more of the course content!)

So ultimately, we can help you with the work, or we can help train you to DO the work!

Video Presentation: Getting help with your SkySpark project

In this video for SkyPosium 2022, we take a detailed tour of all our SkySpark services, including each of our fabulous eLearning courses which also cover Project Haystack.

(Digital) Freebies

You'll be pleased to hear we have some fantastic freebies to give away!

image of freebies

1. Watt's Up!?

A fun mini SkySpark challenge to test your know-how on finding data!

Read more: Watt's Up!?

2. Introducing Haystack

Ever wondered what Project Haystack is - or if you should learn more about it? Well, this introductory module from our full Haystack Essentials course will explain the basic concepts while engaging you with fun and practical exercises!

Read more: Introducing Haystack

3. Alpha Colony Backstory

Did you know we have an awesome online comic strip to read?

Why are we on Mars? Who is Commander Kira? Why does Alpha Colony use SkySpark? And why is Glitch the only robot on Mars?

This creative masterpiece answers all these questions and more!

Read more: Alpha Colony Backstory

Visit our training site and create a free eLearning account to try these out now!

Visit the Alpha Colony

Get in touch

We won't bite! If you have any questions, send us a quick email and let's schedule a call for a friendly chat about your SkySpark needs.


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