Our eLearning students are planting even more trees!

Published on 01 Oct 2022 by Emma Eynon

Our eLearning students are planting even more trees!

Fantom Factory eLearning courses offer achievements and experience points through exercises and gamification. If you work harder, and DO more, you'll earn more!

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We convert all of your experience points to actual tree donations - with our charity partner TREE AID.

A charity working to tackle global climate change by planting trees across Africa.

We've just submitted our donation for Q3 of 2022 and guess what?

Thanks to your efforts, we've donated a grand total of 2265 trees so far!

This will really help projects we care about, like the Great Green Wall.


eLearning achievements and experience points

Our gamification techniques are employed through course progression, videos, and practical exercises to help consolidate (enjoyable) learning and remember it for longer!

How to use your achievements and certificates

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