Introducing Haystack

Published on 17 Jan 2022 by Emma Eynon
Updated on 06 Jan 2023

Introducing Haystack

Ever wondered what Project Haystack is all about? Well, now it's really easy to find out!

Introducing Haystack is the first training module from our in-depth Haystack Essentials eLearning course.

We have released this independently as a FREE taster course so you can explore the purpose and benefits of using Project Haystack for semantic data models.

Once you know WHY you should use Project Haystack - we teach you HOW with the full version - Haystack Essentials.

Haystack Essentials

Even if you're familiar with tagging, this official eLearning course teaches you everything you (didn't even know you) didn't know about!

Work through fully guided exercises to understand the capabilities of adding extra dimensions of flow and movement to your data models - purely through inherited tags.

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This course is ESSENTIAL for using the new Project Haystack 4.0+ standard!

Take a look at Haystack Essentials

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You will need:


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Course details

This free digital training is provided through our website platform, with no prior learning or software installations required.

In around an hour, you will explore:

  • 6 Topics (pages of training content)
  • 9 Interactive questions
  • 3 Demonstration videos

Introducing Haystack quick syllabus:

  • Understanding what data tagging is all about
  • Recognising the common problems faced with data management
  • Realising the benefits of using Project Haystack
  • Learning more about how Haystack tagging works
  • Understanding the role of building data models
  • Identifying the different resources on the Project Haystack website
  • Learning how to take the next steps for more training

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