Arcadia Rule Functions are now easily accessible!

Published on 03 Oct 2022 by Emma Eynon

Arcadia Rule Functions are now easily accessible!

In order to deliver practical training over an eLearning format, some of our SkySpark courses use real SkySpark and real data! We actually synthesise training data through our "live" software connector.

The Arcadia Toolkit

To make life easier, we created our amazing Arcadia Toolkit to help with project records and to provide ready made Axon Functions to work with our training data alongside our training scenarios and exercises.

The Arcadia Toolkit is a free SkySpark extension for anyone to download and use, specifically designed for our Arcadia training data. The problem is, not everyone wants to use it! We've seen many students determined to complete the training without it - which is not a problem if you can write your own Axon functions!

Imagine, (or remember,) you've built out your own SkySpark project alongside the training. You're using the connector and you're pretty pleased with yourself! Now you need to create Rule records and boy, you need some complicated functions!

UH OH! Our Arcadia Toolkit will only install into an EMPTY project!

Well, we have some great news!

Due to popular demand, we've released our Axon functions in plain text for you to conveniently reference in the training screens!

Visit the Help menu in your training screen and you can reference the Arcadia Functions page.

arcadia help menu

You will find instructions and help on how to add them to your project. Pick and choose which ones you'd like to use, or simply explore them to find out how they work!

arcadia functions page image

And don't forget, you can always talk to us if you need some help or advice with your training!

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SkySpark Training Instances

Did you know we also offer SkySpark Training instances with our courses? If you would like to practise using SkySpark alongside our courses, we can spin up a web hosted SkySpark instance for your exclusive use!

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