Fantom Factory presents at Haystack Connect 2022

Published on 13 Sep 2022 by Emma Eynon

Fantom Factory was very proud to present our official eLearning course for Project Haystack at this year's community event!

The whole conference was organised as a digital format, so we created a video to explain the benefits (and all the juice details) of Haystack Essentials.

Watch it on YouTube - or here!

In fact, if you visit our Alpha Colony eLearning site we've made the first module available for free - for anyone! Access our Introducing Haystack freebie with an easy code in your eLearning account.

>> Visit the Alpha Colony now! <<

More freebies for you to enjoy!

Watt's Up!?

Look for our stand at the conference to take away your free code to access our SkySpark taster training course - Watt's Up!?

watts up logo

Alpha Colony Backstory

Did you know we have an awesome online comic strip to read?

Why are we on Mars? Who is Commander Kira? Why does Alpha Colony use SkySpark? And why is Glitch the only robot on Mars?

This creative masterpiece answers all these questions and more!

comic book image

Create a free account on our training website (at the Alpha Colony) to access these unique offers, and browse our available eLearning library.

Our YouTube Channel

You can always find something fun to watch or perhaps listen to on our YouTube channel.

Try our "Music to chill and analyse data to":

Get in touch

We won't bite! If you have any questions, send us an email and we would love to have a chat about your training needs.

We hope to see you (on Mars) very soon!

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