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Published on 12 Jul 2022 by Emma Eynon

Fantom Factory is a proud business affiliate of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.


"The largest UK body representing information development professionals and promoting better scientific and technical communication."

Why did we join?

Because we're technical writers too, baby!

What is technical communication?

It sounds... well... technical?

Actually, it's just the art of good communication skills applied to technical (or scientific) content - which is all about making things easier to understand.

With our humanised and friendly approach to eLearning education, this is exactly what we aim to achieve.

Chuck attempting to explain the term curVal in a game of Charades

The ISTC recognises this and promotes the value of good technical communication on their website.

Technical communicators are highly skilled people

Technical communicators are experienced and trained in communicating technical information to their audience. They have:

  • The ability to communicate clearly
  • A understanding of how the subject can be used safely and efficiently
  • Scientific or technical knowledge of the subject
  • Skills in the tools used to create and publish the information
  • An understanding of how we communicate

Video from the ISTC

Technical Communication for eLearning

At Fantom Factory, we use a variety of techniques to simplify and humanise technical content.

Especially important for helping new starters to learn about using data with technologies like SkySpark or Project Haystack!


To reach people with different learning styles and accessibility requirements - and to inject a bit of fun and engagement into our communications (because let's face it - this stuff can get really boring!), we use a full range of digital media to help our message get understood.

We create fun engaging videos, use warm and interesting colour palettes, produce high quality visuals for our technical illustration and cartoons, and innovate with all kinds of features to inject storytelling and enjoyment into our education.

Many of these methods are best practice at the ISTC!

Read more about our training approach

If you have any collaborative ideas or questions, or perhaps you'd just like to introduce yourself - then talk to us anytime!

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