Which Axon eLearning to choose?

Published on 08 Jan 2022 by Emma Eynon

Which Axon eLearning to choose?

Our Axon Programmer eLearning course is being enjoyed by more students than ever!

We've taken great care to ensure all the content and practical exercises are hosted within our training platform - without the need for any software installations (or licences!).

This makes it an easy and convenient option to onboard and train new hires.

The very nature of learning a programming language demands being able to reference documentation. However, this presents us with a technical challenge here at Fantom Factory!

Our conundrum

There are many technology products on the market which use Axon - so which product should we reference for our training content?

Up until recently, we taught Axon with references to the SkySpark technology platform, to complement our other SkySpark training courses.

  • We feared this was unsuitable for many potential Axon students out there, who may not want to see the SkySpark links!

We were faced with the prospect of needing to create training for multiple technology products, reaching more students, but also requiring a great deal of resource and effort to produce.

Enter - Haxall

In 2021 we welcomed the release of HAXALL, an open source software framework which includes Axon source libraries and documentation to use. So, we amended our Axon Programmer course to reference Haxall instead!

Unfortunately for us, the Haxall documentation still hasn't been released, and now we're hearing from our SkySpark customers who would prefer the SkySpark version!


The solution!

We now have 2 versions to choose from!

It's the same Axon Programmer eLearning course, content, and certification. Now though, you can choose which technology platform it references.

<Axon for everyone!>

Axon Programmer for Haxall Axon Programmer for SkySpark
Haxall Logo SkySpark Logo

We are now happy we take care of ALL Axon students, whether you are new to SkySpark, FinFramework, or any other Axon product in existence!

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