What is Alpha Colony?

We have hand-crafted a completely new breed of eLearning platform which uses storytelling to create applied training scenarios.

Presenting our very own story universe – the Alpha Colony on Mars!

In the year 2052...

Humankind has established the first human colony on the planet Mars. The Alpha Crew are preparing the new base to receive the first group of colonists from Earth.

Their mission is to understand and install all of the environmental technologies needed for safety and comfort in the living spaces and sites at the base.

Meet the Alpha Crew in our free online comic book - The Alpha Colony Backstory.

Crew Bio - GlitchCrew Bio - KiraCrew Bio - LeroyCrew Bio - Astrid

Experience the Alpha Colony!

But WHY do we use storytelling?

Utilising storytelling for marketing, communications, and education is increasingly recognised in the corporate world - especially for aiding with long term memory retention.

In fact, making learning fun and enjoyable for adults also helps the dry and "boring" material become easier to understand and engage with.

Alpha Colony
Alpha Colony
Alpha Colony
Alpha Colony
Alpha Colony
Alpha Colony

Why SHOULD adult education be boring?

Our explainer video reveals more!

The benefits of our story universe

Storytelling with the Alpha Colony universe enables us to design and deliver excellent eLearning with tailored exercise scenarios and incorporated gamification.

Essentially, it's a fun way to enjoy applied learning.

  • Enjoyable
  • Lowers barriers
  • Inclusive
  • Memorable
  • Immersive
  • Fights fatigue
  • Relevant learning
  • East to understand
  • Consolidatory
  • Motivational
  • Engaging
  • Rewarding

Our eLearning Excellence

A brilliant course for learning the ins and outs of Axon.
- Jhan Talastasin, NG Bailey