Syllabus - SkySpark Engineer

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Module 1

An overview of data integration with the SkySpark technology stack.

  • Overview of SkySpark core technologies and deployment methods
  • Data containers and flows
  • An Introduction to rules and views
  • A look at the SkySpark home screen and navigation

Module 2

An understanding the concepts of Project Haystack (v4) and how to apply these tags within SkySpark.

  • Concepts of Project Haystack tagging
  • How to use Numbers with Units
  • Understanding tag Names
  • How to apply Kinds of tags to our data
  • How this tag data is defined in SkySpark

Module 3

Learning how to use the Builder app to create SkySpark records at the project, site and equip levels.

  • Create a new project in SkySpark
  • Create a new site record
  • A look at the SkySpark Navigation Tree
  • Create new equip records
  • Concepts of tag modelling

Module 4

An in-depth look at using Axon filter expressions to retrieve Folio data. All using our Axon Console to create and practise real Axon code.

  • Understanding Folio records
  • How to use the Shell tool
  • Understanding Axon expressions
  • Creating filter expressions
  • Building compound filter expressions
  • Understanding the use of record references and IDs
  • Finding records by using de-referencing

Module 5

Learning how to use the Connector app to create and tune connector records. Use the connector to learn and bind point records, and understand how to convert and write point values.

  • Understanding the role of a connector
  • Adding a connector to a SkySpark project
  • Learning and binding point records
  • Understanding current values
  • Synchronising point values and turning connector records
  • Manually converting and writing point values

Module 6

Understanding how best to collect and sstore historical data. Learn how to use Axon to view, import and even convert historised values.

  • A look at time-series data and where this is stored
  • How to historise points
  • Which options to use for reading history data
  • When to record a Change of Value
  • Managing dates and times with SkySpark and Axon
  • Synchronising and importing history data
  • Converting and computing history data

Module 7

Learning how to use the Rules application to create the different types of rule records.

  • Understanding SkySpark Rule creation
  • How to create a KPI rule and view the data
  • How to create a Spark rule and view the data
  • How to assign Spark costs
  • How to use a Current rule

Sample Axon functions are provided but Axon is not taught. See Axon Programmer to learn Axon.

Module 8

Revision and the final course assessment.

  • Summary of course learning
  • Final course assessment to demonstrate key knowledge

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