New - Folio File Sync

Published on 22 Sep 2023 by Emma Eynon

New - Folio File Sync

Folio File Sync is here!

This new software is actually very exciting! (Yes, really!)

Developing in SkySpark means writing and saving Axon functions by using the Code application. You need Axon functions for things like filtering your data and powering your dashboard displays.

But we all know that developers LOVE using code management systems, like GIT. It helps to work effectively as a team and control code contributions and changes from different members at different times.

This poses a problem then - these systems are file based! Developers normally work on files locally which are then "synchronised" with GIT (or other web based content management system).

So, how then to use a system like GIT when all your code is stored in the Folio database inside SkySpark?

Exciting news!

Now for the first time - your developers can HAVE IT ALL!

The Folio File Sync SkySpark extension enables your Folio files to be synchronised to a file system location!

And what's more, it will manage synchronisations from Folio, to your file system, AND with Git too! So your changes can be controlled and managed in all 3 locations!

Available now on StackHub

All the juicy details are available on our StackHub page - take a look!

StackHub sales page

Using Axon and Git

You can get more tips on using Axon with Git in our article How To := Axon + Git

git article jan 2023

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