UK Space Tour 2023

Published on 22 Jun 2023 by Emma Eynon

UK Space Tour 2023

This year, the UK Space Agency has launched a UK tour - with the Launcher One rocket from Virgin Orbit.

space tour for Swansea


To raise awareness of the growing space industry to the general public.

Let's be honest, nothing grabs your attention quite like a giant rocket! Right?

Fantom Factory at the Space Tour

As the tour passed through our neck of the woods in Swansea, we were very happy to take part and show our support for STEM and space education with our own offerings.

photo of our exhibition table

Over the course of 5 days, we presented information on the Project Artemis missions and helped entertain many children (and adults) with our solar system planet puzzle!

Read more about the UK Space Tour

Fantom Factory for space education

As accredited providers of Training Excellence, we want to enable educators around the world with next-generation eLearning. Using our very own custom designed training platform, we're proud to present a more engaging and accessible format for STEM and space education!

Stem Futures banner

Our new STEM FUTURES platform is a new education initiative we're launching here in the UK. We provide amazing eLearning technology to schools and organisations who want to inspire and engage their learners.

To demonstrate the power of this platform, we've even released free space education for the general public!

Blast Off to the Alpha Colony!

An introductory space course designed for school years 7,8, and 9, with amazing facts to learn about environmental issues on Earth, what's so great about planet Mars, and even more details about space exploration missions.

blast off course cover

Destination Mars!

For the adults, a feature-length version of our space course which really goes into detail about how we plan to colonise Mars!

(Yep, seriously - it's all happening right now!)

Destination Mars course over

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