Coming soon - EasyConn!

Published on 19 Apr 2023 by Emma Eynon

Coming soon - EasyConn!

We love the Fantom programming language. (So much so, we named our company for it!) However, we also appreciate that experienced Fantom developers can be few and far between.

SkySpark is created in the general purpose Fantom programming language, but most SkySpark programming and data work can be carried out in the smaller scriping language - AXON.

SkySpark has a great range of supported protocols for connecting to commonly used data sources over the internet. This enables the majority of SkySpark users to set up connectors in the SkySpark application and use "point and click" tools to bring in and bind data points - with some Axon knowledge.


Where custom authentication is needed between SkySpark and other internet data sources - over HTTP - then Fantom comes into play, albeit for a fairly small part (well - most of the time).

In actual fact, most of the authentication details for these can be developed in Axon. Building HTTP connectors may be a small task for us, but for companies with less Fantom experience, it can turn into a lengthy and troublesome projects!

Enter - EasyConn!

EasyConn is our idea for a kind of universal connector template. It provides the required "Fantom wrapper" for your bespoke connector and enables you to fill out the Axon bits for the authentication you need.

Our new amazing connector tool means your SkySpark team no longer needs to learn Fantom in-depth just to build a HTTP connector. EasyConn should fast become a staple in any SkySpark developer's software toolkit!

Coming soon

EasyConn is in the final stages of active testing and we hope to release it soon. We'll announce when it's available for download from StackHub and you can trial it in your workplace.

Expect to get hold of it in May 2023!

We don't bite!

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