Why choose Fantom Factory eLearning for SkySpark?

Published on 16 Feb 2023 by Emma Eynon

Why choose Fantom Factory eLearning for SkySpark?

We hand crafted our Fantom Factory eLearning platform and courses with a great deal of love and attention.

We provide technical eLearning courses for anyone new to SkySpark, Project Haystack, and Haxall.

The results? Well, they speak for themselves with encouragingly high feedback ratings and fast growing popularity with businesses around the world!

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And here are a few of the reasons why!

1. A training approach based on consolidation

Technical and complicated information easy to understand and remember.

That's the ultimate goal of our eLearning.

Digital Tools: We provide custom made training tools and data for extra practice alongside our courses!

Training Format: Each module and topic has identified learning points which are reinforced with demonstrations, exercises, and checkpoint quizzes.

CE & CPD Accreditation: Earn digital certificates to prove your new skills and qualify your time spent towards Continued Education (or Continued Professional Development) internationally.

Gamification Awards: We encourage you to DO MORE for awards and trees to be planted, which ultimately means you'll also understand and remember more of your learning too!

2. A training platform available ON-DEMAND

Perfect for busy schedules!

Fantom Factory eLearning courses are always available online so that you can log out and resume your training at any time.

eLearning Dashboard: Your courses, achievements, and certificates can all be accessed any time from your personal eLearning account.

Time Capsules: Turn back time and extend or reopen your expiring /expired courses with automated time capsules.

eLearning Journals: When you finish each course, you'll be awarded a Journal full of key references and training data - to keep!

Relevant Courseware: Choose only the courses you need and spend your training budget more effectively!

3. An enjoyable training experience

Keep your mind engaged and refreshed!

We provide light-hearted comic relief for you to enjoy your training so you remember it for longer.

Story Universe: We created the ALPHA COLONY story universe and characters for applied scenarios - to help explain the WHY behind it all!

Story Toggle: If you don't like the cartoons then simply turn them off (and on again) with our easy toggle switch.

UK and US Locales: Don't get annoyed by British spelling, or American date times, choose your preferred locale.

Feedback Tools: Getting stuck on a question? We won't leave you stranded - send us a message and help improve the system!

How to use our eLearning features

We're winning awards too!

In 2022 we won more awards than ever for our eLearning platform and training approach.

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Get involved! Try out our courses or ask us about reselling options to train up your clients quickly and easily.

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