Become a Fantom Factory eLearning Reseller

Published on 12 Feb 2023 by Emma Eynon

Become a Fantom Factory eLearning Reseller

We provide technical eLearning courses for anyone new to SkySpark, Axon, Project Haystack, and Haxall.

Now more than ever, SkySpark resellers around the world are enjoying the benefits of reselling our courses as part of their service portfolio.

We make it easy for your clients to learn the essentials of using SkySpark in just a couple of days.

It's all about the codes!

We sell digital access codes for our eLearning courses. This meakes it incredibly easy to distribute access to colleagues and clients.

You can choose to pre-purchase any number of codes or request them as you need them via purchase orders and invoicing.

We can reactivate or extend any access codes for up to a year after purchase (on request).

The main benefits

  • Get everyone to the same minimum standard of knowledge.
  • Students learn at their own pace and to their own schedules.
  • We deliver a real experience of using SkySpark in a safe environment.
  • Our digital access codes can be easily included in you service packages.
  • No webinars, just global access online - at any time.

We take care of the basics to free up YOUR time and resource!

We offer a Reseller purchase rate at a 15% discount, but the price to your clients is completely up to you!.

How it works

  1. You sign up to our terms as an authorised reseller.
  2. Simply ask us whenever you need course access codes.
  3. Send the relevant codes to your chosen "students".
  4. Students create learning accounts on our training website and start immediately.
  5. We provide help and support through messaging and feedback facilities.
  6. We issue you with digital invoices and reporting data.

The training experience

Your clients will enjoy immediate access to their chosen training course(s). Our platform handles everything they need; help on questions, interactive exercises, bonus digital tools and material, and accredited certification.

Best of all, Fantom Factory eLearning has no pre-requisite learning.

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We're winning awards too!

In 2022 we won more awards than ever for our eLearning platform and training approach.

As certified STEM UK Ambassadors and accredited Dual Providers of Excellence for training, you can rest assured your clients will be in good hands.

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It's easy to sign up

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