Be PROUD of your achievements!

Published on 14 Apr 2022 by Emma Eynon

Be PROUD of your achievements!

Our new achievements page makes it even easier to track your training progress on our eLearning platform.

Check your course progress and key stats:

key stats section

See how many points you can still earn for more TREES:

awards section

Learn how you can achieve more badges:

badges section


Use the fantastic new features we've made available for digital certification.

If you are studying on a Continued Professional Development (CPD) or Continued Education (CE) scheme, either of our certificates may be used to claim your extra credit!

We offer different sizing options so that you can choose to print a certificate to hang on a wall, or publish them on a web page or profile in the correct ratio!

certificate of excellence options

Share your certificates on social media

We're still working on options to make easy to use images available for you to share in any platform!

We have designed our certification interface to be publicly accessible for validation. The unique serial number on your Certificate of Attendance and your Certificate of Excellence is actually linked to your eLearning course (digital instance). This number is clickable on our PDFs to display a publicly accessible version of your certificate - perfect for progressional institutes to check the validity of your qualification.

certificate of excellence demo

Share on LinkedIn

To share your new amazing certificate in a LinkedIn post - simply upload your PDF file as a document to show it off in all its glory!

Linkedin document upload

To showcase your qualification in an official capacity we have made it possible to link your certificates to your LinkedIn profile too! This can be beneficial for professional organisations to view and validate your certificate easily.

linkedin certificate section

To do this, you'll need to add a new profile section and fill in the new certificate details, using the URL and serial number information from your Achievements Page.

linkedin profile section

linkedin new cert form


Either of our certificates will qualify for accreditation credit - they both refer to the same training instance.

We publish the number of accreditation units or hours available for each of our assessed eLearning courses. For anyone studying on an "outcome based" education scheme, download our "Activity Log" to fill out and accompany your certifcate.

If you have any questions regarding our achievements, or perhaps you'd just like to talk to us about our certification schemes, feel free to get in touch!

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