We are now a Provider of Training Excellence!

Published on 05 Aug 2021 by Emma Eynon

We are now a Provider of Training Excellence!

After several months of assessment, we have now achieved the status of

"Dual Provider of Training Excellence and Accreditation"

Awarded by the Professional Development Consortium

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So, what does this mean?

As a DUAL PROVIDER, it means that first of all, Fantom Factory is officially recognised as a Training Provider of Excellence with the Professional Development Consortium.

To achieve this, we have demonstrated:

  • Our content is high quality and is developed from trusted resources
  • Confirmed outstanding learning experiences for delegates
  • Verification of customer satisfaction and positive training impact

On top of this, our eLearning courses have been assessed and each awarded a fully accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provision.

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How does our CPD accreditation work?

Each of our eLearning courses are advertised with the number of CPD hours they will award.

All eLearning progress is automated, and as soon as a student has completed the digital material, they can apply for a CPD certificate from us. (There is no need to pass the final assessment to apply for this certificate, which demonstrates the time spent on learning and development in the training.)

Our CPD accreditation is recognised around the world - read more here

Why you should learn with us

Recognise this?

Other traditional methods often don't hit the mark.

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Our status as a premium training organisation isn't the result of a form filling exercise. We have dedicated ourselves to producing a "next generation" learning experience that focuses on the highest standards of learning.

A whole new world of training.

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Try us for FREE

Create a free account on our training platform, and enter the code WATT-2052 to experience our innovative eLearning for yourself!

Visit our training platform on Mars!

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Contact us to discuss our accreditation, or indeed any of our services.

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