Our eLearning students are REALLY saving the planet!

Published on 05 Jul 2021 by Emma Eynon

Our eLearning students are REALLY saving the planet!

We have some fantastic news to share!

Thanks to all of our eLearning customers over the last few months - you have all contributed to our latest quarterly donation to TREE AID - our UK charity partner.

Experience points, earned on our eLearning platform through gamification, are converted into a cash total for TREES to be donated towards the GREAT GREEN WALL PROJECT.

This quarter, it means the hard work of all our students has resulted in a whopping 438 trees to plant!

Even better news...the UK Government has also promised to DOUBLE this donation - making this 872 TREES!

Our eLearning courses are more popular than ever; we've already smashed our donation record for the whole of 2020!

Learn with us and together we can help save our planet!

Thank you.

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