SkySpark Installation Guide

Published on 06 Mar 2021 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Installation Guide

Walkthrough Steps - Run SkySpark

  1. Install Java tick
  2. Obtain/Download SkySpark install tick
  3. Install SkySpark files. tick
  4. Configure SkySpark. tick
  5. Install licence. tick
  6. Run SkySpark.

Use the skyspark.bat file to launch the SkySpark console, and then use a browser to log in to the web service running on your localhost port.

  • Run the SkySpark Console to launch the web service using SkySpark.bat (located in the skyspark-3.x.x/bin/ directory).
  • Check the console for the line “http started on port xxx”
  • Once this appears, open your browser and go to localhost on that port (for example; "localhost:8080"
  • Log in to the SkySpark screen with your previously created SU account.

Now you're ready to build your first SkySpark project!

SkySpark is a web application, meaning you only interact with it through an Internet browser. Firefox and Chrome are popular choices, but any modern browser will do.

SkySpark Console

The SkySpark console tells us when our SkySpark web service is running and also displays useful information about page actions and errors.

Missed a step?

If, per chance, you had forgotten to run the setup before running skyspark you will see this useful error message:

<image here>

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